Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ode to my #1 fan.

I have a friend named Sarah although it is weird to call her that because everyone calls her Asian or The Asian or Asian Princess.

Anyways she is my blog's number one fan and a while ago asked me to start blogging again.  It got me thinking, since I stopped blogging I have not taken one new picture of my kids (camera phone not counting) and that is horrible.  I also have not kept a journal in anyway or written amazing things that my kids and I are doing.  That is bad.  Which also got me thinking do I only blog to brag to the world?about what I am doing?That answer is an easy no because the world doesn't read my blog maybe thirty people tops have ever read my blog and I usually know those thirty people and I love those people and want them to know what is going on with me.

Now granted I have gone through a lot of blog changes because my blog has always changed with my life changes which have been quite a lot lately but I think this one will stick for a while.  I have finally figured out why I actually blog, it's to brag to my 30 friends what I am doing!  But actually it is to chronicle my life and blogging motivates me to chronicle my life and I want my life chronicled and if my life chronicle is interesting to some people great.

So now on to my ode.  It is a haiku.  I thought that would be fitting.

Ode to The Asian
You inspired me
to begin blogging again
and made my head big.

I love you Asian.

Sorry I don't have a picture.
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