Friday, March 30, 2012

A pity party remedy.

Sometimes it is hard not to have a pity party for myself and eat lots of Sees chocolates.

The best remedy for my pity party is snuggling with Eva while watching a movie of her choosing.  She squeezes her little feet between my legs and I tickle her back or just nestle in her soft hair and fall asleep.  She rarely falls asleep during movies.  She will usually wake me up at the end and tell me it is time for bed.  I love her.  Tonight the movie pick was Disney's Robin Hood.  Now Eva says oodalolly which as far as I can find Disney made up.  It is an exclamation of joy or excitement.

I love this picture.  Those gorgeous brown eyes make me feel so much better.  They give me strength for what is coming and hope for what I am trying to do.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My sweet Scarlett.

My Scarlett is the sweetest little sugar in all the land.
She has this energy about her that is just so wonderful to be around.  She is just so happy and snuggly.  She loves to be held and nestle in your neck or chest.  Eva, at this age, was such a sweet girl too but she was not a snuggler like Scarlett is.  Scarlett is also a little chunky monkey.  I love squeezing her and kissing her cheeks and she doesn't care and just lets me squeeze and snuggle her.  She is her dad's twin and she absolutely adores him.  I need to get some pictures of them together.  She has recently taken to shoes especially her bright yellow croc-like ones.  She loves them and says "soo soo" and always lets us know if one falls off.

We introduced Scarlett to sunglasses and she loves them.  
She is so cool.

And here is a super crazy picture of me I had to add.
I think it is because I just realized she is drinking out of a plastic cup!
Great, puberty is going to start at 8 for Scarlett.

Scarlett looooooves water.  Sometimes she will wake up at night and just want some water and then go back to bed.  Scarlett also loves to eat and never really gets full.  Goodness she can shovel food in.

I sure love this sweet girl.
And I love this cute picture of her.
Yay! bare shoulder weather is coming which means more of Scarlett's soft skin to kiss and squeeze.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eliminate toxins in your life post 1.

We all know that we live in a toxic environment.  It can be overwhelming and it can make us never want to leave our homes.  I am no expert but I do go to a lot of effort to control what I can when it comes to toxins.  I just do my own research and try to eliminate what I can.

First off, when it comes to toxins, you can only control what you put on and in your body not including the air you breath.  Eliminating toxins from your life is usually a slow process.  It is too expensive to do it over night so what you need to do is just start making small steps now to a better future.  Here are 6 things you can start right away:

1:  Stop using plastic with BPA.  Here is a good explanation of what BPA is.  It behaves in a similar way to estrogen in our bodies.  Too much estrogen is really, really bad on our bodies and causes lots of cancers.  For drinking Klean Kanteen is a great reusable, stainless steel bottle that comes in all different sizes.  BPA is also used for coating the inside of cans for food so beware.

2:  Only use glass when heating up food in the microwave.  DO NOT use plastic (even BPA free) or Styrofoam!

3:  Just start eliminating plastic from your life.  We will always have plastic but you can control how you use it.  Glass is a safe way to go.  Get rid of the old plastic storage containers and buy some glass ones.  It is better for you and the environment.  Reusing plastic containers over and over is not safe.  Glass is made to last forever.

4:  Stop buying pans with Teflon.  Here is why.  Start transitioning to stainless steel cookware.  This may take some time but you should start.  Especially stop using pans with Teflon that have scrapes in it.  Ikea sells some pretty cheap stainless steel pans and I also use cast iron which I love.  

5:  Filter your water!  Zero water makes a great filter if you can't afford a system in your home.  I love Zero Water because it comes with a water tester so you can test your water and it gets rid of everything including fluoride.  I had to stop using it though because my water is so hard that I was going through 1 filter a week and I can't afford that.  Instead I bought a slightly more expensive gallon water bottle from Whole Foods that is BPA free and I fill it up at work or at the grocery store with filtered water.  One day I will have a nice system in my home but for now it works.  You can get Zero Water filters and units at Target.  

6:  Stop drinking soda!  I know, I know I love Coke!  I love, love, love it!  But the negative effects are not worth the taste and bubbles that I love.  I made a commitment to myself to replace it with green tea because I love green tea just as much.  Plus, green tea is really, really good for you.  Here is a good article to give you some reasons to quit soda and to quit giving it to your kids.  

Start thinking about the things you are putting in your body and your families bodies.  Help your body fight off the toxins that are in it that you can't control.  Don't make things harder by adding more unnecessary toxins to your body.  Teach/train your kids while they are young.  I only offer water to my kids.  I always have their Klean Kanteens out and available to them so they can drink when they want.  I don't even offer them fruit juice.  Now if Eva ever gets fruit juice or soda she will take a few sips and then ask for water.  Water is the thing that satisfies her thirst, the other stuff is just a little treat.

Don't get overwhelmed or you will just shut down and try not to think about it.  Just do what you can, start slow, start today!

I would love to hear comments and your tips too.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And then Monday hit.

I have no idea what to say about Monday.  I am getting tired of the emotional roller coaster that I am on.  As soon as I have an amazing, perfect, uplifting day the next will be heartbreaking, discouraging and full of tears.  I realize I am on this ride for a while but I would really like to get off and wait in line for a while and watch some others take their turn.  Not that I actually wish other people to be on it.  Maybe that metaphor doesn't work so well.

Anyways, I have no words so here are some that are not mine.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our weekend.

We had a good weekend.

On Friday we just stayed at our house all day and snuggled and played.  A friend visited and brought lunch and our kids played.  It was a fun day.  I also love the days where you have fun but you don't spend money.  I am learning to get over the idea that you have to spend money to have fun.  I am trying to look for more outings that don't involve money.  I think warm weather will help this happen.

 Eva loves to take pictures.  I love the surprise pictures I find later on my phone.
Here is a really good one:

 What is it about wet babies in towels that make them so much more scrumptious and snuggly?
Scarlett is not solid squishy she is like soft bread dough squishy.  
I am constantly kissing her cheeks and squishing her legs.  I don't think she even notices anymore.

Saturday was my first training with ACN.  It was so great.  
I left empowered and had lots of my fears wiped away with understanding and knowledge.  
It was motivating and helpful and I had a great time and I love the people I am working with.  
After we visited some friends and just hung out.  

Eva asleep after our fun night.  I love her Mickey ears.  

On Sunday we went to church, then had naps, did some weeding and enjoyed the 70 degree weather and finished the night with shrimp tacos.  Yum!

Also just an update.  
I finally got my flour containers so here is my shelf with all of my containers.  
I am very happy with them.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Natalie's neat and tidy tips post 2.

Lucky you!  You get a peek into Natalie's Woman Cave!  I was going to call it her craft room but I think it is more than that.
So there are lots of pictures but short explanations.  The lighting was not good so sorry about some heavy shadows.

Some overall shots:

Natalie made this clock.
Do you recognize the bottle caps?  
They are from the Izze bottled drinks.
She recommends if you want to make a clock just buy a cheap clock from Ikea and take it apart.  
It is much cheaper than buying a clock making kit.
She wrote on the hands:  Enjoy this time.

Natalie's ribbon drawer isn't actually a drawer.  She made her ribbons baby proof.  
No baby is reaching her ribbons.

This is her wrapping station.

These are Kerr jars that she spray painted the lids with a primer and then shiny paint.  
She hot glued the two lid pieces together. 
You can't just put these lids on the ground and spray because the bottom of the rim would not get paint.  
She stuck them on a nail and stuck the nail into a box so it stood off the ground and then painted them.  Then you also avoid messy fingers and only have to spray them once.
She got the old looking clothes lines from the craft store and the ribbon is just wrapped around them and stuck with pins and then of course separated by color.

The party drawer.
Natalie is always stocked up on streamer colors.  
Growing up a party always meant streamers so they are a staple for her plus they are super cheap and easy to keep stocked.  Believe me it is handy to at least have a couple colors of streamers at all times.  You just never know when a celebration needs to happen.

Wrapping accessory drawer.
Because of this wrapping station Natalie's presents are always beautifully wrapped.

Wrapping paper.
You should always have brown (paper sack) wrapping paper.  You can get it in the mail supply isle if you can't find it.  Use that and some colorful ribbon and you have a great looking present to give.

Tissue paper (of every color) folded very neat and tidy in one basket and bags in the other with boxes off to the side.

The amazing, perfectly organized closet.

Everything is labeled and the drawers for the kids have a lady bug stickers so they know which drawers are theirs.

Yes, even the inside of each drawer is organized.  
This drawer holds brads and buttons.  The containers are from the craft store.

A nice way to display your fabric scraps.

Markers, paint brushes, pencils, pens.

These are the chocolate covered raisin containers from Costco.
A perfect excuse to buy them!

Natalie wanted a scalloped edge for her shelves so she just made one out of poster board and a cutting tool.
You would never know until you touched it.

I probably could have spent a few posts of just the closet organization but I'm sure you get the point and can get some ideas.  If you have questions just ask in the comments and I will make sure she knows so she can answer them.

The fun thing about Natalie's tidiness is that she really enjoys doing it.  It is not a chore for her like it is for other people.  It comes so natural for her it is quite amazing.  I asked her why she doesn't do it professionally and she said it was because lots of people's messy, unorganized lives comes with lots of emotional baggage that must be worked through.  I immediately thought of Jillian Michaels on The Biggest Loser yelling at people as they worked out to help them get through their emotional baggage.  And then I thought of the show Hoarders and understand why it might be hard to help people organize their lives.  Apparently she has tried to help some friends and now those friends won't let her in certain rooms of their homes because they are embarrassed that they still aren't unorganized.  

Anyways, there you are, I hope it gave you some ideas and a glimpse as to what I am talking about with Natalie's neat and tidy skills.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Maybe a little ranting but also some explanations.

Guess what?  I am trying to start my own business with ACN.  Here is their website if you want to know who that is  Here is my personal site if you want to get a service through me and be a customer of mine which helps me a lot  I sell services you already have but you can just go through me so I get the credit of bringing a customer.

Guess what?  It is network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM).  You do network marketing every day by telling people about your stylist or restaurants or whatever you like but you just don't get paid for it.  Dare I say religion is network marketing?

Guess what?  MLM is my only option if I want to work from home right now.  An MLM offers lots of good things that make it a lot easier to have your own business then if you were just to try to start a business on your own.  There are some bad MLMs out there but they are not all bad.

Guess what?  There is lots of money to be made with ACN and why not me? 

Guess what?  I am not stupid and would not get into anything stupid or something that was a scam.  I would not attach my name to something or tell my friends and family about it if I didn't think it was a great thing.  I did a lot of research and I prayed a lot to make sure this was the right opportunity for me.  Although it is the right thing for me I am aware it might not be the right thing for other people.  That doesn’t bother me or make me question my decision.

Guess what?  It is not a “get rich quick” scheme.  I will actually have to work really hard if I want to be successful.  Did you read that?  IF-I-WANT-TO-BE-SUCCESSFUL.  It is up to me and working really hard does not necessarily mean tons of hours.  It means I can’t get discouraged and I can’t give up and I have to just plough through the tough days to the successful ones.  It means I can’t get scared and I must exhaust all my options and network and learn and grow and train and all of that.

Guess what?  People who I thought would be really supportive are not and people who I was scared to approach have been really supportive.  (Don't worry if you are reading this you have been supportive.)  It is really hard to put myself in a vulnerable position and sell to people.  I have been my own worst stumbling block so far just because I get nervous and anxious even though I totally believe in what I am doing and really like it.  I have never really questioned or doubted my decision just gotten discouraged and scared.  But I have given myself some realistic goals for how long I will work at this and I am going to work toward those goals.  I am not just going to up and quit my current job.  Some people have voiced that concern.  Don’t worry I am not counting my chickens before they hatch. 

Guess what?  I know a lot of people who might be interested in working with me but they want me to be the guinea pig for them to see if it will work.  By the time they are happy with my results the opportunity will have passed them by. 

Guess what?  I might fail at this (though I am determined not to).  This might not be the thing that gives me what I want but guess what it takes to actually be successful?  Here is the formula:
"Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It's quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure. You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn't at all. You can be discouraged by failure or you can learn from it, So go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because remember that’s where you will find success."
- Thomas J. Watson 

I am working hard.  I am on the right path and I feel great about it.  It feels like there are lots of people who are hoping I will fail but that’s not what I am worried about and that’s just me taking things too personally anyways.

Here are some more motivating quotes for you just in case you need some:

"Learn to listen. Opportunity could be knocking at your door very softly."

"Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem more afraid of life than death."
James F. Byrnes 

"The trouble with opportunity is that it always comes disguised as hard work."

"It's the man who waits for his ship to come in who's always missing the boat."

"Success doesn't come to you, you go to it."
Marva Collins 

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will." 
Vincent T. Lombardi  

I had a home meeting tonight.  It went well.  I love the people who were willing to come and support me even if they weren't interested.  I had a few people cancel on me at the very last second which was frustrating because it is just kind of rude to just cancel an hour before.  Just say no to begin with!  But then the meeting happened and I realized, again, why I started this and that it is their loss not mine.  I am apart of something that is pretty great and that I will be great at.

Love and goodnight.

Some good words that aren't mine.

My sister-in-law Michelle sent me a link to this blog post.  It is great.  

The term feminist has been thrown out at me lately.  I don't think I am a feminist because to me that term means I am a man hater and I am not.  I do think that women should be treated equally to men and that because a woman is strong, independent and refuses to be treated lesser than does not make her a feminist.  I work mainly with men from a much older generation than myself and my frustrations of being treated equally come from the inequality I experience at my place of business almost on a daily basis.  I will admit that sometimes at church I get a little irritated with some comments and practices but those things are for another time and place.  I am glad for the time I live now and for the women before me who got me here.  And moving on,
I hope you have a happy day.  Get out into the beautiful sunshine today!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Are you ready for spring?

I have heard that a lot of people hate March.  It is January and February that is hard for me.  When March comes I am so happy.  Happy that March contains the first day of spring and St. Patrick's day and when I think of March I just think of the color green.  In March all the sweet, hardy bulbs come up and battle the winter to give us green and bright colors!  Plus we get to start wearing happy clothes and makeup again.  No more smokey eyes just a clean face with a little blush, mascara and gloss.  Speaking of gloss you need to get your bright pink gloss for spring!  Here is mine:

 There are lots of fun things to enjoy in this picture like:  me holding Eva's Strawberry Shortcake doll, me trying to get an OK picture, my belly hanging over the sink, and my dirty mirror!

One very, very small sad thing about spring is that it is almost time for me to retire me favorite Frye boots for a while.  So I decided I needed some Fryes for spring and summer.  I had a gift card that was burning a serious hole in my pocket.  I love my new Fryes.

Happy spring to you.
With all this new energy in the air I feel a new beginning coming on.  Wonderful!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A shameful story and some thoughts mixed in.

Brene Brown has a new Ted talk and I have linked to it on the right.  Now she has two.  They are both pretty great.  I think you should listen to it but listen to the first one first if you haven't listened to either yet.  She is pretty great.  There is also a link to her blog Ordinary Courage.

She inspired me to share the following story and I am sharing this just to get it off my chest.  I am sending my apologies out into the universe and praying to be better.

These past couple weeks I have had some things happen where I learned some life lessons.  This story is about a lesson I have learned time and time again but for some reason the lesson hasn't sunk in yet.  Clearly I needed to learn this lesson again.

I was at one of my first business meetings with my friend.  I felt very out of place.  Everyone was dressed very business like and I was pretty casual so I started out immediately defensive though I didn't really realize that at the time.  I started looking around the room to pick out anyone else that might be dressed casual as well as judge the people around me.  Things went through my mind like "I am way cooler than these people." and "My clothes are so much more comfortable I bet people are jealous of me not being all dressed up."  My friend then introduced me to one of her colleagues who was a woman probably my same age or maybe a little younger.  After the introduction she proceeded to tell me how successful this woman was and how she has helped a lot of other people be successful.  I took another look at her and in my head was like, "Really?  This girl sitting a few chairs down from me?"  I proceed to pick apart her appearance in my mind.  I am not going to go into details.  She was also really quiet and hardly said two words to me which I chose to interpret as snobby.

After the meeting we all parted ways and I talked to my friend later about the meeting.  She continued to talk about how this other woman could really help me get my business going and I shamefully told her my interpretation of her.  She listened patiently and said something like she understood and we moved on from there to other topics.

Well a week and a half later I actually met this woman and spent some time with her and as you can guess she is pretty great.  I learned she is extremely shy and being apart of this business has really helped her blossom and be brave.  She is funny and personable and witty and I thoroughly enjoyed her company.  And then the guilt and shame came and I realized I am an idiot!  I can't believe my judgements and I can't believe I shared them with another person!  I of course had a conversation with my friend and apologized profusely for my words but seriously I am embarrassed!  I don't consider myself a catty girl but obviously I have some things to work on.

One good thing is that I will never forget this lesson.  I was really off the mark.  Sometimes I get cocky and feel like I have a good read on people.  But really, I don't.  I'm sure 9 times out of 10 I am wrong about people, especially first impressions.  The really funny thing about all of this is that I give bad first impressions, or so I've heard.  I don't want people judging me off a first impression!

So, lesson learned.  AGAIN!  I think this time I am going to make it stick.

Writing this story out made me think of The Four Agreements.
Have you ever heard of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz?
It is a quick read or quick listen although the audio was a little odd to listen to for me.

Anyways the four agreements you are supposed to make with yourself are:
1:  Be impeccable with your word - Speak with integrity, speak only what you mean, don't gossip or speak untruths, etc.
2:  Don't take anything personally - Nothing others do is because of you, what others say and do is a projection of their own reality.  (this is really, really hard)
3:  Don't make assumptions - ask questions, express what you really want, communicate clearly.
4:  Always do your best - your best will change moment to moment, it will change if you are sick or if you are healthy, simply do your best in every moment.

So I pretty much broke every agreement in just this one story alone.  And I pretty much break every agreement everyday but if I simply do my best then I think the other things will follow.

This experience helped me remember I have much to improve on.  

I am very happy to improve.

The end.

I love both my girls expressions in this picture.
Scarlett looks freaked out or something.
Just wanted to end the post on a happy note.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Green Dinner

We had our St. Patrick's Day dinner or our Green Dinner on Sunday.  It was just me and my girls and my sister's family.  With my mom out of the country the Green Dinner just isn't the same.  This is the 3rd year without her.  Seriously Mom, when are you coming home?  I am just awaiting another extension.

Anyways, onto the food since that is the best part.

The feast!

Pot of Gold Mac & Cheese

 Rainbow on a Stick

 The Green Drink. Yum!

And a party isn't a party without streamers.

The reason that I love St. Patrick's Day the most is because for us it is centered around food and family.  What else do you need?

I forgot about my love for steamed cabbage!  It is the cheapest thing to make and healthy too.  Well, I add butter and salt to my cabbage so maybe not super healthy but super good.
This is the only time I really eat corned beef but I love it!

The kids followed a golden trail to find a pot of gold (actually pot of Rolos which to them is better than gold.) and then went on a hunt for leprechaun gold.

It was a fun night.

Hope you all had a fun St. Patrick's Day too.

Preview of what's to come:  While at my sister's I got some pictures of her actual ribbon "drawer" along with her amazing craft room.  As soon as I get everything together you will be amazed too.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My long weekend is over!

I hardly saw my girls but they were safe and happy with their cousins and auntie Michelle.  I feel less guilty when they are with them because my girls have so much fun that I'm sure they barely notice I am gone.
Michelle kindly sent this picture to me while I was working:

Not only did it make me jealous but there are a few gorgeous things in this picture.
Michelle and I always talk about how the main reason women have boobs is to snuggle and comfort their kids.  The next reason is possibly milk production.  Way down the list is their sex appeal, there are much more important things for boobs to do.

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Here you go

(Not the best picture but I love Scarlett's eye and how happy we both are in it.)

I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by losing.
-Anis Nin

Usually today is my Friday but I have committed to do chair massages for the Clarins counter at Nordstrom for Friday and Saturday.  I love doing it but goodness this week will never end!  Do you want a free massage and to try Clarins?  I love Clarins.  Come and see me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Roller coaster day.

Today was an emotional roller coaster day.  I had an extreme high and then an extreme low and then some kicks while I was at the bottom.  I have been having these days a lot lately.  It is 1 a.m. and I am so tired and need to get in bed but I thought I would quickly check my email and the computer always helps me relax so I logged on.
I subscribe to a weekly email that Brene Brown puts out.  This is what was in my inbox waiting for me:

Put Down The Measuring Stick

Wholehearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness. It's about cultivating the courage, compassion, and connection to wake up in the morning and think, "No matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough." It's going to bed at night thinking, "Yes, I am imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn't change the truth that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging." 
~ Brené Brown

Today, just today, consider the possibility that you don't have to measure your progress with your tasks to determine your worth. Allow for the gentle truth that your presence, your openness, your willingness to love and be loved is the way into your sense of knowing your worth without demand or self-judgment.

And then I shed a few more tears because I really needed this.
Yes, I am imperfect, vulnerable, afraid and I cry a lot because of these things.
Yes, I am brave and worthy of love and belonging.
I do matter.
What people think of me or my situation does not matter.

Brene also said that, "Asking for help is a power move."
It is extremely hard to ask for help and make yourself vulnerable and admit we cannot do things on our own.  It is really easy to feel shame when asking for help but when you think about it, Brene is right, asking for help is a power move.  It is being fully aware of the reality that we cannot do everything on our own and that we do need others.  Asking for help is not only OK but actually pretty great because having help from others brings love into our lives.

My biggest power move is prayer.  Lately it feels as if my prayers last the whole day through but I do stop and pray before I go to bed and I pray in the car on my way to work since I usually forget to do it before I leave the house.  I mostly pray for peace, strength and guidance.  I receive those things, without a doubt, every day.  I also pray to listen, learn and grow every day.  I pray for the perseverance to achieve my goals and not get discouraged.  I believe my goals are honorable and valuable and I will receive the help I need.

Without kneeling in prayer I would not be standing today.  People have told me I am very strong.  I only have strength because of prayer.

And it is late so I should probably stop now but in the theme of power moves here is one more power move from me.  As you read this will you say a little prayer in your heart for me?  That I will have strength and courage and perseverance.  I need those things as I embark on this new path.


And here is a picture just to make you all feel better.
What is more peaceful than a sleeping baby?
I just want to kiss those cheeks and lips.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Natalie's neat and tidy tips post 1.

My sister Natalie is a professional organizer.  I have enlisted her to help me organize my life before I have my baby.  Right now it takes me a long time to clean up my house and I have a feeling if I can just be more organized my house will be a lot easier to manage.  With 3 kids, one of them being a newborn, anything to make things easier on me is a must.

What makes my sister a professional is that her organizing and neatness comes completely natural to her.  She does things right and she does them right the first time.  It is actually unbelieveable how neat, tidy and organized she is.  I will be going to her house on Sunday and I will get photographic evidence to prove how unbelievable it is.  She is like Monica on Friends.  I'm not kidding.  She has a ribbon drawer and I'm pretty sure has stressed out that one of her babies might get in the ribbon drawer and mess up all the ribbon.  At the same time as being stressed about a messy ribbon drawer she is excited that she gets to reorganize the messy ribbon.  That is my sister and I absolutely love her.  We are quite opposite in a lot of ways and I will tease her about her cleanliness and organizational ways but it is because I am very, very jealous that it comes naturally to her and is so easy for her.  It takes a lot more work on my part to stay organized.

Long explanation short, I told her I was going to post about our organizing/tidying adventures since she doesn't keep a blog and I think she should share her amazing knowledge with the world.  It will be her legacy.

So she came over yesterday and the first thing we did was hang a shelf.  Seriously, I can not hang a shelf or anything for that matter without her help.  Again, she does it right and right the first time.  I always end up with huge holes in the wall and the shelf falling down.

Here is the before picture:

Here is the after picture:
She didn't want me to post this until I painted the screws white but too bad.  
Just know I am going to paint the screws white.

Let me also just say something about my new OXO storage containers.  I LOVE THEM!  And I knew they were a good purchase when I called Natalie right after I bought them and she got really excited for me.
Here is how cool they are:

 Just click the top button...

...and it releases the lid.  When you click the lid back it seals everything in.  I LOVE THEM.  And must buy 2 more bigger ones for my flour.
You can get these at Target but I have only seen the bigger ones at Crate & Barrel. I have never seen them on sale until I bought them at Target for 5% off so if you ever see them discounted snatch them up!

Anyways here are Natalie's tips and must have list for this post.  These tips and suggestions are not just for hanging shelves.  They are important for many different uses and yes a lot of this was news to me so I am assuming you don't know these things too.

1:  Have a good leveler.  It should at least be a yard long.  Hers is not and she regrets it.
2:  Next time you see a pocket measuring tape buy it and always carry it with you.  She says she uses hers at least once a week.
3:  Have a nice drill.  She recommends an electric one with a long power cord.
4:  Buy a set of screws of different lengths and sizes.  We found one at Target for $4.
5:  Have good quality anchors that will work in sheet rock.  
6:  When putting in anchors don't just hammer the hole in actually drill the whole all the way through the sheet rock and make it slightly smaller than the anchor.
7:  Hammer the anchor straight on or you will bend it.

She also left me a list of things I need to have ready for next time and directions on how to pick nice quality storage bins.  All of that is for next time.  

Believe me these tips are only going to get better.  I am excited for my new organized life ahead.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thoughts on therapy.

What I have learned by going  to therapy is that it can be really scary.  It also can't work unless you can be completely honest about yourself and open to what the therapist is saying.  (This is assuming you like and trust your therapist of course.)  Being open and honest makes you extremely vulnerable.  Your therapist is going to tell you hard things like how long the problems in your life have been happening and when you could have helped yourself.  Say years and years ago I probably should have been seeing a therapist.  It sucks to hear that.  It sucks to hear that your problems are very old and go way, way back and that they will be hard to get over and fix.

For me I think that the little girl Tammy is still alive inside me and needs to heal by expressing her view point.  I know it is so Freudian but seriously so much of my issues go back to my childhood and young adulthood.  I think I have been avoiding it for a while.  I like to think that I was resilient and just went with whatever was happening but now as an adult looking back at my life I can see that my brain had to do a lot of self protecting and so I pushed things away until I was old enough and ready to deal with them.  I don't know if I am exactly ready to deal with all of that old stuff but I know it will help me heal and move on.  Dealing with that old stuff will help me be able to embrace myself now.  Acceptance of your personal history is important.  I can't change it, I don't have to like it but I can accept it and let old feelings go.

Much easier written than done I'm sure.

That doesn't mean that I am implying I get to blame my parents or childhood for all of my problems now but when you are talking about your problems everything comes up and you start seeing how different things played a part and how things shaped your way of thinking and doing things.  It is interesting, scary, angering, etc.

(Eva on her first day of school.  Bad camera phone pic, sorry)

One day my sweet girl is going to come to me and tell me how I screwed up her life.  It makes me sad to think of that day.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


My friend Alicia tagged me this fun tag.  Check out the picture she posted of herself, it is gorgeous and she just had a baby and she has been crying happy mom tears and I love it.

The rules;
1.  Post these rules.
2.  Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things about yourself.
3.  Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4.  Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5.  Tell them they've been tagged.

This is the only picture I could find of myself alone besides the latest bun picture that Eva took.  
I was trying to get a picture of my new hair cut at the time.  Sorry it is not a good pic.

11 Random Things:
1.  I recently texted my sister this text:  "One can always use a good bum thermometer."  
2.  My siblings and I have a pact not to gossip about each other to each other or to our parents or extended family.  It was my brother's idea.  I question his pact keeping skills though:).
3.  I only have long hair for Eva.  
4.  I usually give people birthday presents months after their birthdays.  I wait until I find the absolute best thing I want to give them and usually that is months late.
5.  I slipped and fell down my tile stairs a couple months ago, went into shock, peed my pants and threw up.  Luckily I only bruised my hip but I thought I had broken my elbow.  It could have been really bad.  
6.  Don't worry I have mats on my stairs now.
7.  I haven't taken my dog on a walk since it got cold.
8.  I am fascinated by astrology.
9.  I have always wanted to learn to oil paint and play the cello.
10.  I wish I could get up early enough to do yoga.  I really love it but I don't remember how much I love it at 6 a.m.
11.  I love Synergy kombucha.  

Questions for me to answer:
1.  What is your favorite thing to do on a typical Saturday?
Make a good breakfast and eat with my girls.

2.  What are your top 5 celebrity crushes?
Gerard Butler, Channing Tatum (shut up and just dance), Patick Wilson (shut up and just sing), Harry Connick Jr. (Depending on the movie but usually just shut up and sing.), Russel Crowe

3.  How old were you when you had your first kiss?  
12?  I don't really remember.

4.  What's your typical bedtime?  Nightly routine?
Midnight.  Get home around 6, make dinner and eat, clean up a little, get my girls in PJs, 7:30 put Scarlett to bed, snuggle and play with Eva, 8:30 put Eva to bed, watch a movie or blog and read blogs, fall asleep in front of a movie.

5.  What's on your "most listened to" ipod playlist?
Pitbull, specifically his song Bon Bon.  It is my theme song for the year although I should say that the lyrics are in Spanish and I have no idea what is said so it may not be the best theme song.  It is also my ring tone.  Every time Scarlett hears it she dances.  You can't not dance to it.

6.  What was your first concert?
Probably a ska band.  I don't remember.  It should have been Pearl Jam but it got rained out.  Big bummer.  

7.  Favorite TV show old or new?
I can't pick between Friends and Arrested Development.  I can watch either of them over and over.

8.  Ocean or Mountains?
Probably ocean only if it was a warm place.  I love seeing the mountains everyday but I would choose warm weather over mountains.

9.  What is your favorite sound?
Currently, hearing Eva and Scarlett make each other laugh while we are driving in the car.  I usually only have the radio on if they are asleep.

10.  What is your go-to-always-makes-you-feel-better fix?
Currently, listening to Pitbull.  Dancing always makes me feel better and takes my mind off things.  I also use food and a Mexican Coke or a fountain Coke to make me feel better.  I am usually having a pretty hard day if you see me drinking a Coke.  See's chocolates are a big go-to food for me.

11.  Favorite treat?
This is really hard because I have lots and lots!  But See's bordeaux or butterscotch squares are my heaven!  When I imagine heaven it is a cozy chaise with a box of See's.  I am also wearing some white feather outfit.  Hmmmm.  Interesting.

My 11 questions:
1:  If you could choose to never pee and poo or never sleep again which would you choose?  (you can still eat normally if you are wondering.)
2:  If you could give yourself a new name what would it be?
3:  If you could travel back in time just to observe for a couple weeks what time and where would you go?
4:  If you had to move out of the U.S. what country would you move to?
5:  Which holiday would you get rid of?
6:  Who would you call to bail you out of jail?  (or maybe you have done this already.  Remember you need money.)
7:  What is your favorite thing to do when you are alone in your house?
8:  What is your favorite movie that you don't actually tell people?  (Think Rachel on Friends Weekend at Bernie's.)
9:  What is your go-to curse word?
10:  What is one of your superstitions?
11:  If you had to pick someone to make all the major decisions in your life for the rest of your life who would it be?

Coming up with the 11 random things and the questions was a lot harder than I thought and took way more time then it should have.

OK, here is who I am tagging.  No one be offended because I am tagging people who blog and a lot of my friends don't blog or don't blog anymore.
So here you are friends, a free idea for a post!

I would love to hear more answers so leave them in the comments or email them to me.

Now am going to eat some See's chocolate that I have in my cupboard.  Try not to be jealous.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

It is Saturday!

It is Saturday which means a nice breakfast is in order.  One you normally wouldn't make on a weekday.
Today for me it is french toast and yes that is powdered sugar along with syrup on top.  
May I suggest the country french bread from Harmon's for those of you who live in Utah.  It is just perfect for french toast.  Another suggestion is to make sure the bread gets nice and soggy and cooking it slowly on medium heat so you get it cooked through and golden brown.  
Today I was out of milk so I warmed up some sour cream, added eggs, vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon.  
They turned out really good.

One day I will raise my kids like I was raised and have a Saturday breakfast everyday of the week.  My mom was good at breakfasts.  She would even do homemade buttermilk buscuits.  

Another suggestion if you live in Utah is go to The Pancake House on 21st south and order bananas foster french toast.  Holy moly that is perfect splendor.
My friend Teresa would warn you that it is way too sweet though so remember I like sweeeeeeeet stuff!

On Saturday mornings I often think of all the amazing breakfast that are being made.
What did you eat for breakfast today?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Holy cow I'm pregnant! And other things.

Sometimes I have moments where suddenly my reality will hit me really hard and the actuality of my situation will encompass me.  I will look down at my protruding belly and say,"Holy cow I am pregnant!"  It is still hard for me to wrap my brain around.  I don't know if most of the time I have been on auto pilot or my brain is self protecting itself by keeping it full of happy pregnancy hormones.  This pregnancy has been extremely easy.  I didn't really feel pregnant until I was about 20 weeks pregnant.  Suddenly at 24 weeks I felt really, really pregnant and discovered the reason was that I had gained 10lbs in 4 weeks.  Goodness me!

What I feel the most in my life right now is the presence of time.  It seems so heavy lately.  The seconds ticking down to the birth of my baby boy, my girls growing so fast, the amount of seconds away from my kids working, the time ahead of me that I have to work to be successful enough to stay home.  Time is heavy, slow, fast and doesn't care about your situation.

I am excited about my future, don't get me wrong, but I have anxiety about it still.  I think I am just psyching myself out because I want some things so badly.

So, anyways, I am working hard and trying to move ahead in a positive direction.
Is anyone in my same boat?  Is anyone looking for a good opportunity to build a business from home?  I am looking for people to work with and I would love to talk to you about it if you are.  I am really excited about it and really feel like it is a good opportunity for success.  It can be a side business that turns big or just stay a side business, whatever you want it to be.  I would just love to share what I have found and trying to explain it over my blog probably won't work well.

The most interesting thing about starting my own business is that I feel very empowered yet vulnerable at the same time.  I get really excited and then really scared in the same instant.  It's just odd.

Just a comment about the picture above.  It was taken a couple months ago and as you can see we are headed to Costco.  Is Costco your place to get out of the house and walk around during the winter months?  Maybe I will see you there.  The girls love the carts because they can sit next to each other.  I love that I can feed them lunch or dinner with all the samples.  Did you know I needed a place to walk around while I was in labor with Scarlett so we went to Costco?  Well I did and it worked great.  Eva and Clint ate samples and ran around and I stopped and leaned on the cart occasionally.  I also love Target of course but seem to spend more money there on unnecessary things.

The end.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Sadly this is not a post about the buns on my body you are hoping for.

First bun I want to talk about is the bun in my oven or the way it looks on the outside.
It actually sometimes looks like I just stuffed my shirt or dress with a basketball.  It is really round and just right out in front.  With Eva and Scarlett I had more back and side fat although I still feel like I have a lot of back fat.  I really tried to get a good picture to prove the point but I plan on actually having someone take some real photos of me this pregnancy because I have never had them taken while I was pregnant and who really knows if I will have another baby in my belly.

Second bun is the bun I wore in my hair today with the red flower that Eva had to take a picture of.
Now that my camera is out again Eva has taken to it and always wants to take pictures.
Today was High, Messy Bun day (HMB-day) which means that my hair is dirty and needs to be washed but I am trying to get one more day out of it.  I even got a compliment on it today which is always a plus on HMB-day.  (Thanks Teresa!)

Last but not least this next announcement has nothing to do with buns other than this drink will not go to your buns unless you like super, creamy iced coffee.
Starbucks Trenta size has finally made it to Utah which means I get 31 oz of the iced green tea that I love!
Yes, that's right folks, apparently the trenta holds more liquid than the average adult stomach.  So don't get trenta filled with coffee unless you really don't like your stomach.  If you do like your stomach may I suggest the trenta filled with iced, green tea with 4 pumps of classic sweetener.  Wonderful.

I must now go wash my hair.
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