Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beautiful hands can be yours in 30 seconds!

Did you know that I am a massage therapist?  I am not currently practicing but I give occasional massages to family and friends.  One thing you want as a massage therapist is smooth hands and nails.  So I thought I would give you my secret (I'm sure it's not actually a secret.) to a few quick ways to make your hands and nails beautiful and massage ready if need be.

I first want to complain about how this winter has been one of driest winters that I can remember.  Maybe that doesn't say much since I am not that old but my poor skin has taking a beating.  I have been so dry that my knuckles will get big and tight because of all the dry skin in between each fold.  I can't use blush because I have had dry patches on my face so if I do it looks like I have pink or brown dots on my face rather than glowing apples which is the look I am going for when I slather on moisture tint and blush.
In effort to help anyone with similar problems I thought I would give you a quick way to make dry, cracked hands look amazing.

I am going to give you 3 options depending on the amount of time you have.

Option 1:  The 30 second manicure
You need 2 things.  
Sugar and Olive oil
(One can never have enough of either of these things.)

Pour some sugar into your DRY hand.  Do not get your hands wet first.
You want to use sugar, especially on cracked, dry skin, because it will not cause you pain.
Have you heard the term "Don't put salt on the wound"?  
Ya, you only have to do that once to learn a hard, painful lesson.  

Pour some olive oil over the sugar.  I suggest doing this over a sink to avoid a mess.
Now scrub like the dickens.
Make a fist with one hand and use the palm of the other to get inside those knuckles!
Go in between each finger!
Scrub the sides and the tips!
Scrub the fingernails and cuticles!
Woo hoo!

Now rinse with warm water (not cold and not hot) until all the sugar is gone.
Then pat dry your hands and rub in the leftover olive oil that is on your hands.
I always need something more so I will add a little more olive oil and then let it soak in while I watch a movie.
Your hands and nails will look gorgeous in just 30 seconds.

Option 2:  2 minute manicure

Trim your fingernails and then file the tips to a nice round or square edge.

Now follow the steps in option 1.

Option 3:  5 minute manicure

Trim nails and then file your nails according to the steps on the file.
You can get one of these files at Sally Beauty Supply.
It has four steps, it files the nails edge, it buffs out ridges on the nails surface, it smooths the surface and then it shines the surface.  You will have pretty shiny nails without needing to use polish.
This file is a great option for men too.

Then follow the steps in option 1.
You can also push down your cuticles if you want after the scrubbing.  

And there you have it.  A manicure that costs pennies in supplies and time without harsh chemicals.  Mine was even half organic since the oil was and the sugar wasn't! 

How about I tackle the dry faced, blush problem in another post?

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sweetheber said...

I wish I had long pretty fingers like you. That's why my massages aren't very good :)

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