Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eliminate toxins in your life post 1.

We all know that we live in a toxic environment.  It can be overwhelming and it can make us never want to leave our homes.  I am no expert but I do go to a lot of effort to control what I can when it comes to toxins.  I just do my own research and try to eliminate what I can.

First off, when it comes to toxins, you can only control what you put on and in your body not including the air you breath.  Eliminating toxins from your life is usually a slow process.  It is too expensive to do it over night so what you need to do is just start making small steps now to a better future.  Here are 6 things you can start right away:

1:  Stop using plastic with BPA.  Here is a good explanation of what BPA is.  It behaves in a similar way to estrogen in our bodies.  Too much estrogen is really, really bad on our bodies and causes lots of cancers.  For drinking Klean Kanteen is a great reusable, stainless steel bottle that comes in all different sizes.  BPA is also used for coating the inside of cans for food so beware.

2:  Only use glass when heating up food in the microwave.  DO NOT use plastic (even BPA free) or Styrofoam!

3:  Just start eliminating plastic from your life.  We will always have plastic but you can control how you use it.  Glass is a safe way to go.  Get rid of the old plastic storage containers and buy some glass ones.  It is better for you and the environment.  Reusing plastic containers over and over is not safe.  Glass is made to last forever.

4:  Stop buying pans with Teflon.  Here is why.  Start transitioning to stainless steel cookware.  This may take some time but you should start.  Especially stop using pans with Teflon that have scrapes in it.  Ikea sells some pretty cheap stainless steel pans and I also use cast iron which I love.  

5:  Filter your water!  Zero water makes a great filter if you can't afford a system in your home.  I love Zero Water because it comes with a water tester so you can test your water and it gets rid of everything including fluoride.  I had to stop using it though because my water is so hard that I was going through 1 filter a week and I can't afford that.  Instead I bought a slightly more expensive gallon water bottle from Whole Foods that is BPA free and I fill it up at work or at the grocery store with filtered water.  One day I will have a nice system in my home but for now it works.  You can get Zero Water filters and units at Target.  

6:  Stop drinking soda!  I know, I know I love Coke!  I love, love, love it!  But the negative effects are not worth the taste and bubbles that I love.  I made a commitment to myself to replace it with green tea because I love green tea just as much.  Plus, green tea is really, really good for you.  Here is a good article to give you some reasons to quit soda and to quit giving it to your kids.  

Start thinking about the things you are putting in your body and your families bodies.  Help your body fight off the toxins that are in it that you can't control.  Don't make things harder by adding more unnecessary toxins to your body.  Teach/train your kids while they are young.  I only offer water to my kids.  I always have their Klean Kanteens out and available to them so they can drink when they want.  I don't even offer them fruit juice.  Now if Eva ever gets fruit juice or soda she will take a few sips and then ask for water.  Water is the thing that satisfies her thirst, the other stuff is just a little treat.

Don't get overwhelmed or you will just shut down and try not to think about it.  Just do what you can, start slow, start today!

I would love to hear comments and your tips too.

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Shayla said...

Love this topic! One thing we do is use glass jars for everything. I buy a case of canning jars and those are our glasses, storage containers, dressing keepers, you name it! You can buy BPA free plastic lids to go on them or the regular canning lids. This has helped me simplify! Plus, I think they are pretty! Another nasty toxin is laundry soap...I use Charlie's Soap, it is cheap and it rinses ALL the way out and is non-toxic. We do not use dryer sheets either and after a while, you never need them, you can add a wet wash rag with some essential oil if you have static. Is this the longest comment ever? Go Tammy, help us detoxify! :)

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