Thursday, March 29, 2012

My sweet Scarlett.

My Scarlett is the sweetest little sugar in all the land.
She has this energy about her that is just so wonderful to be around.  She is just so happy and snuggly.  She loves to be held and nestle in your neck or chest.  Eva, at this age, was such a sweet girl too but she was not a snuggler like Scarlett is.  Scarlett is also a little chunky monkey.  I love squeezing her and kissing her cheeks and she doesn't care and just lets me squeeze and snuggle her.  She is her dad's twin and she absolutely adores him.  I need to get some pictures of them together.  She has recently taken to shoes especially her bright yellow croc-like ones.  She loves them and says "soo soo" and always lets us know if one falls off.

We introduced Scarlett to sunglasses and she loves them.  
She is so cool.

And here is a super crazy picture of me I had to add.
I think it is because I just realized she is drinking out of a plastic cup!
Great, puberty is going to start at 8 for Scarlett.

Scarlett looooooves water.  Sometimes she will wake up at night and just want some water and then go back to bed.  Scarlett also loves to eat and never really gets full.  Goodness she can shovel food in.

I sure love this sweet girl.
And I love this cute picture of her.
Yay! bare shoulder weather is coming which means more of Scarlett's soft skin to kiss and squeeze.

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Ms. Hobbs said...

She is so darling! What a ray of sunshine. :)

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