Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Natalie's neat and tidy tips post 1.

My sister Natalie is a professional organizer.  I have enlisted her to help me organize my life before I have my baby.  Right now it takes me a long time to clean up my house and I have a feeling if I can just be more organized my house will be a lot easier to manage.  With 3 kids, one of them being a newborn, anything to make things easier on me is a must.

What makes my sister a professional is that her organizing and neatness comes completely natural to her.  She does things right and she does them right the first time.  It is actually unbelieveable how neat, tidy and organized she is.  I will be going to her house on Sunday and I will get photographic evidence to prove how unbelievable it is.  She is like Monica on Friends.  I'm not kidding.  She has a ribbon drawer and I'm pretty sure has stressed out that one of her babies might get in the ribbon drawer and mess up all the ribbon.  At the same time as being stressed about a messy ribbon drawer she is excited that she gets to reorganize the messy ribbon.  That is my sister and I absolutely love her.  We are quite opposite in a lot of ways and I will tease her about her cleanliness and organizational ways but it is because I am very, very jealous that it comes naturally to her and is so easy for her.  It takes a lot more work on my part to stay organized.

Long explanation short, I told her I was going to post about our organizing/tidying adventures since she doesn't keep a blog and I think she should share her amazing knowledge with the world.  It will be her legacy.

So she came over yesterday and the first thing we did was hang a shelf.  Seriously, I can not hang a shelf or anything for that matter without her help.  Again, she does it right and right the first time.  I always end up with huge holes in the wall and the shelf falling down.

Here is the before picture:

Here is the after picture:
She didn't want me to post this until I painted the screws white but too bad.  
Just know I am going to paint the screws white.

Let me also just say something about my new OXO storage containers.  I LOVE THEM!  And I knew they were a good purchase when I called Natalie right after I bought them and she got really excited for me.
Here is how cool they are:

 Just click the top button...

...and it releases the lid.  When you click the lid back it seals everything in.  I LOVE THEM.  And must buy 2 more bigger ones for my flour.
You can get these at Target but I have only seen the bigger ones at Crate & Barrel. I have never seen them on sale until I bought them at Target for 5% off so if you ever see them discounted snatch them up!

Anyways here are Natalie's tips and must have list for this post.  These tips and suggestions are not just for hanging shelves.  They are important for many different uses and yes a lot of this was news to me so I am assuming you don't know these things too.

1:  Have a good leveler.  It should at least be a yard long.  Hers is not and she regrets it.
2:  Next time you see a pocket measuring tape buy it and always carry it with you.  She says she uses hers at least once a week.
3:  Have a nice drill.  She recommends an electric one with a long power cord.
4:  Buy a set of screws of different lengths and sizes.  We found one at Target for $4.
5:  Have good quality anchors that will work in sheet rock.  
6:  When putting in anchors don't just hammer the hole in actually drill the whole all the way through the sheet rock and make it slightly smaller than the anchor.
7:  Hammer the anchor straight on or you will bend it.

She also left me a list of things I need to have ready for next time and directions on how to pick nice quality storage bins.  All of that is for next time.  

Believe me these tips are only going to get better.  I am excited for my new organized life ahead.


sweetheber said...

You need to post the pic of the darling hooks that YOU hang. You're so sweet! & I LOVE your staging, especially the brown sugar :)

PS. I saw these amazing bins at Bed, Bath & Beyond yesterday. I'm not sure how their prices compare, but you're going there anyway for your next assignment :) i luv you

mushbelly said...

I have been wanting to buy some big bins for flour and sugar for a long time - but I can never find any big enough. I am so going to check these out at Crate and Barrel now. Thank you!

Ms. Hobbs said...

I'll be hanging shelves as soon as my stupid kitchen is painted. :( It looks great though! Love the containers too. Super spiffy!

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