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Natalie's neat and tidy tips post 2.

Lucky you!  You get a peek into Natalie's Woman Cave!  I was going to call it her craft room but I think it is more than that.
So there are lots of pictures but short explanations.  The lighting was not good so sorry about some heavy shadows.

Some overall shots:

Natalie made this clock.
Do you recognize the bottle caps?  
They are from the Izze bottled drinks.
She recommends if you want to make a clock just buy a cheap clock from Ikea and take it apart.  
It is much cheaper than buying a clock making kit.
She wrote on the hands:  Enjoy this time.

Natalie's ribbon drawer isn't actually a drawer.  She made her ribbons baby proof.  
No baby is reaching her ribbons.

This is her wrapping station.

These are Kerr jars that she spray painted the lids with a primer and then shiny paint.  
She hot glued the two lid pieces together. 
You can't just put these lids on the ground and spray because the bottom of the rim would not get paint.  
She stuck them on a nail and stuck the nail into a box so it stood off the ground and then painted them.  Then you also avoid messy fingers and only have to spray them once.
She got the old looking clothes lines from the craft store and the ribbon is just wrapped around them and stuck with pins and then of course separated by color.

The party drawer.
Natalie is always stocked up on streamer colors.  
Growing up a party always meant streamers so they are a staple for her plus they are super cheap and easy to keep stocked.  Believe me it is handy to at least have a couple colors of streamers at all times.  You just never know when a celebration needs to happen.

Wrapping accessory drawer.
Because of this wrapping station Natalie's presents are always beautifully wrapped.

Wrapping paper.
You should always have brown (paper sack) wrapping paper.  You can get it in the mail supply isle if you can't find it.  Use that and some colorful ribbon and you have a great looking present to give.

Tissue paper (of every color) folded very neat and tidy in one basket and bags in the other with boxes off to the side.

The amazing, perfectly organized closet.

Everything is labeled and the drawers for the kids have a lady bug stickers so they know which drawers are theirs.

Yes, even the inside of each drawer is organized.  
This drawer holds brads and buttons.  The containers are from the craft store.

A nice way to display your fabric scraps.

Markers, paint brushes, pencils, pens.

These are the chocolate covered raisin containers from Costco.
A perfect excuse to buy them!

Natalie wanted a scalloped edge for her shelves so she just made one out of poster board and a cutting tool.
You would never know until you touched it.

I probably could have spent a few posts of just the closet organization but I'm sure you get the point and can get some ideas.  If you have questions just ask in the comments and I will make sure she knows so she can answer them.

The fun thing about Natalie's tidiness is that she really enjoys doing it.  It is not a chore for her like it is for other people.  It comes so natural for her it is quite amazing.  I asked her why she doesn't do it professionally and she said it was because lots of people's messy, unorganized lives comes with lots of emotional baggage that must be worked through.  I immediately thought of Jillian Michaels on The Biggest Loser yelling at people as they worked out to help them get through their emotional baggage.  And then I thought of the show Hoarders and understand why it might be hard to help people organize their lives.  Apparently she has tried to help some friends and now those friends won't let her in certain rooms of their homes because they are embarrassed that they still aren't unorganized.  

Anyways, there you are, I hope it gave you some ideas and a glimpse as to what I am talking about with Natalie's neat and tidy skills.

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