Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our weekend.

We had a good weekend.

On Friday we just stayed at our house all day and snuggled and played.  A friend visited and brought lunch and our kids played.  It was a fun day.  I also love the days where you have fun but you don't spend money.  I am learning to get over the idea that you have to spend money to have fun.  I am trying to look for more outings that don't involve money.  I think warm weather will help this happen.

 Eva loves to take pictures.  I love the surprise pictures I find later on my phone.
Here is a really good one:

 What is it about wet babies in towels that make them so much more scrumptious and snuggly?
Scarlett is not solid squishy she is like soft bread dough squishy.  
I am constantly kissing her cheeks and squishing her legs.  I don't think she even notices anymore.

Saturday was my first training with ACN.  It was so great.  
I left empowered and had lots of my fears wiped away with understanding and knowledge.  
It was motivating and helpful and I had a great time and I love the people I am working with.  
After we visited some friends and just hung out.  

Eva asleep after our fun night.  I love her Mickey ears.  

On Sunday we went to church, then had naps, did some weeding and enjoyed the 70 degree weather and finished the night with shrimp tacos.  Yum!

Also just an update.  
I finally got my flour containers so here is my shelf with all of my containers.  
I am very happy with them.


mushbelly said...

so jealous of that shelf and those containers.

Alicia said...

I loved our Friday together. Let's do it again very soon.

Ms. Hobbs said...

You really need to paint those screw holes. :)

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