Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some good words that aren't mine.

My sister-in-law Michelle sent me a link to this blog post.  It is great.  

The term feminist has been thrown out at me lately.  I don't think I am a feminist because to me that term means I am a man hater and I am not.  I do think that women should be treated equally to men and that because a woman is strong, independent and refuses to be treated lesser than does not make her a feminist.  I work mainly with men from a much older generation than myself and my frustrations of being treated equally come from the inequality I experience at my place of business almost on a daily basis.  I will admit that sometimes at church I get a little irritated with some comments and practices but those things are for another time and place.  I am glad for the time I live now and for the women before me who got me here.  And moving on,
I hope you have a happy day.  Get out into the beautiful sunshine today!

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