Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lucky 33.

The number 3 has been my favorite/lucky number since I can remember.  It has always been my softball jersey number (very important) as well as other things.
Did you know I am 33?
I have been looking forward to turning 33 because I have known that it is going to be a lucky year for me and there just happens to be lots of 3s in my life this year besides my age.
Eva is 3.  She always says, "Mom I am one 3 and you are two 3s!"
I am pregnant with my 3rd child.
And this week is going to be a lucky week because I am 33 weeks pregnant.

Seriously what more could a girl ask for?

I will chronicle all my luck for you don't worry.

It will be interesting how often the number 3 pops up this week, as well, I am sure.

Happy 3 week/year to you.

Do you have a lucky number?  What is it and why?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Natalie's neat and tidy tips post 3.

I now have one room in my home that is highly organized!
I just happens to be the room that no one will really go in.  It is my basement storage and I started there because it was quite a disaster as you can see from this before picture.

Yes I know it looks really bad.  I just got to the point where I would just throw things in there and just shut the door and try not to think about it.  It didn't work though, it haunted me.  So, that's where we started.

Natalie drove down to my house and we worked 7 pm to midnight shaping this space up.  Before she came I was assigned to buy storage bins.

Natalie's tips to picking out good storage bins:
1:  Don't buy the clear kind.  Although they are nice to see into your bin they tend to be flimsier and crack and break easier.
2:  Buy bins with lids that click and are sturdy so that they can be stacked on.  Test out the lid by putting some weight on it and make sure it can handle it.
3:  Buy more bins than you think you need because you will always use them in the future.  You will want at least 4-6 empty bins when you are done for future use.  
4:  To pick out the right size make sure you leave growing room in your bins because you will most likely add to your storage than subtract from it.  So don't buy the perfect size bin that fits your things perfectly but full.  You want to be able to add to it.  
5:  Buy the same color and size ( some exceptions on size) so that things can look neat and tidy.  

I decided to head to Walmart to hopefully find nice bins at a nice price and I did luckily since I needed a lot of bins.  I got 16 eighteen gallon bins for $4.97 each and 2 thirty gallon bins for $12.97 each.  My color options were red or grey so I went with the happy red.

I was also assigned to get labels in size 2x4.

Here are the after pictures:

Amazing right?
I used the 2 thirty gallon bins for Christmas decorations which includes all my lights and everything plus extra space of course.  Then the Christmas tree is hidden behind the shorter bins which also makes them flush with the longer bins which makes things look neat and tidy (I'm learning so much).  

Natalie's tips for stacking your storage bins:
1:  Furthest holiday away goes on the bottom of the stack and then rotate them up.
2:  Make sure to put the bins you will get into the most towards the top.  For example I have a party box which includes my paper plates, cups and napkins as well as birthday supplies (need to get my array of streamers still).  I will get into that a lot.  I will also access my summer supplies a lot and my handbags and diaper bags a lot so those are all at the top. Old memories are way on the bottom.
3:  Anything really heavy on the bottom obviously so the bins won't easily fall over.  

 This is the small closet which Natalie organized for me.  
I can say I have food storage because I have canned tomatoes and grape juice.

Since there was so much free space I moved my craft bins to the basement.
This will really free up some much needed space upstairs.
(I won't show you the inside of my craft drawers since they are not tidy.)

And here are my labels printed in my favorite font.
I wanted to put a pretty border on it because I new Natalie would be really proud if I did but I couldn't figure it out.  I will have to work on it.
Natalie's recommendation is to tape the labels on rather than use the sticky part.
Apparently they really stick and do not come off tidily enough.
Neat and tidy is the goal and you must even plan for future tidiness!

I love my clean, lovely basement it is so organized!  I feel so much better knowing this is checked off my list.

Thank you, thank you Nat for helping me!  And if I forgot anything about your tips please leave a comment to help future organizers.

Our next project is the kids room to prepare for the new babe.  All the kids will be sharing one room so we have to get a lot of clothes into one small space.  I will need a highly organized system to keep this room neat and tidy.  Should be a fun adventure.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My week was eventful.

Last week started out really bad but ended really good.
The week started out and I felt overwhelmed and picked on (even though I'm not).  It was a "woe is me" first few days.
I got out of it by buying myself a new car.  But it actually made me a little melancholy.
Yes, you are right I already had a car that I really, really loved but won't fit my third child in it.
I had a 2011 Hyundai Sonata.  I have never had a brand new car before and it was quite wonderful and now it is over.  Clint is taking the Hyundai.  Here is my new car.

A 2008 Toyota Sienna
It has all the little bells and whistles like automatic doors just no DVD player which is fine with me.

Here is a picture that Eva took of me while in my new van.

The week ended on a high note with a little mini vacation in St. George Utah where it is always nice and warm.  I prefer really hot to really cold so when the temp hit 96 degrees I loved it even though I am pregnant.  Clothing makes me clausterphobic so the fewer the layers the better and I seem to always be cold unless the temp is 80 and above.

Me and Eva looking hot.

Me and Eva watching Monsters Inc.  I didn't know she was looking at the camera.
I love this sweet face.
(I am aware I look pretty hammered.)

Eva at the splash pad.
She poses now when I ask her to smile and she does not like 2 piece swimsuits.
She kept trying to cover her belly until she finally stripped down naked and told me to get another suit for her.

Visiting the LDS temple and running in the cool grass.
This temple is so pretty against the red rocks of St. George.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Scarlett has healthy poops!

Since opening up about Scarlett's dairy sensitivity I learned I come from a long line of dairy sensitive people.  I thought it was just my sister but nope, there are quite a few and I learned a lot.
Scarlett's intestines seem to be doing really well.
It's funny how as a mom you celebrate your children's healthy poops.
It is quite a relief actually when your child has healthy poops.

One thing I learned is when buying probiotics for someone who has a dairy sensitivity is that those probiotics should be dairy free.  Duh, right?  I didn't even think of it though!  When I heard this I went home to check mine and they were derived from dairy.  Poor Scarlett.  I bought some new probiotics and it seems to be really helping her.  She has not thrown up since and sleeps easily through the night.

I also got some Omega 3 and some papaya enzyme chewables.  Have you ever tried papaya enzyme?  It is great for stomach aches and digestion and any age can have them and they taste good.  So much better for you than tums.  Eva just likes them so she will say her tummy hurts so she can have a few.  Anyways try them out.  I just smash a couple with a spoon and spoon feed them to Scarlett.  She likes them too.
This is the brand I bought at Good Earth but there are lots of brands and you can get some at Whole Foods too.  I have not checked the normal grocery store.

The only time Scarlett has any dairy is when it is added to baked goods like pancakes and bread and she seems to be just fine with that.  Cheese was the hardest thing to learn to work around but now I don't even notice it is missing.

Yay for Scarlett's digestion and healthy poops!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"What is a doughnut?"

First off, D-O-U-G-H-N-U-T-S is how I learned to spell it in school.  When did we start spelling it donuts?  Is it just the lazy American way or something?

As mentioned the last couple days have not been the best.  They've just been hard.  Which is fine.  I have to expect that.  I went to visit my grandma yesterday which was a wonderful escape of my reality but at the end of my visit I found myself in the parking lot of Krispy Kreme.  I believe the one by her house is the last standing store in Utah or at least one of the last.  Krispy Kreme hit Utah like a storm but then faded really fast and they are only available in gas stations now.

Anyways, yes I comfort eat.  Who doesn't???

So I ate two while my girls slept in the back seat and I drove home feeling slightly better.  The thing about comfort eating is that the good feelings only last for an instant and then you are left still depressed but now feeling yucky and full.  What I should do is exercise but whatever.

So this morning I fed my girls their breakfast and was racing out the door as usual when I realized I hadn't eaten anything so I wrapped two beautiful, chocolate frosted with rainbow sprinkle Krispy Kremes in a paper towel and jumped in the car.  Eva saw my little package but could not see the contents when she said, "Mom, can I have a bite of your sandwich?" and I thought about how much she would love a bite and I handed her one of those gorgeous doughnuts.  She took it in her sweet, dainty hand and gasped at the gorgeous rainbow covered delight that was before her (she is a really good gasper) and this was the conversation:

Eva:  "Is this a circle."
Me:  "Yes, it is a doughnut."
Eva:  "What is a doughnut."  (Full of awe and excitement.)
(You should be proud of me here that she has never had a doughnut before, plenty of cupcakes though.)
Me:  "That is a doughnut."
Eva:  (After taking a few bites.)  "This is really good, I like doughnuts."

She only ate one third of it and then I got to eat the rest.  Scarlett probably could have finished 2 of them and wanted more.  Have I mentioned that it is amazing how much food Scarlett can fit into her tiny body.  She always eats double what Eva eats.  Scarlett is definitely her dads twin.

P.S.  Shayla D.  can you email me?  How can I get a hold of you?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Excuse me my dear, do you have a match?

(My aunt gave me some golden eggs to help me while I am waiting for my golden egg laying goose.)

It has been a hard couple of days.  I think a big part of my anxiety is my house feels oppressive lately.  I am constantly cleaning yet my house is never clean.  I am serious!  If you came over right now you would think I hadn't cleaned my house in a week yet I feel like all I do is clean.  Where did I get so much stuff?  I am thinking about just making a pile of all my junk in my backyard and then burning it.  While I'm at it I will burn all my bras because seriously who wants to wear a bra while they are pregnant?  Not me.  Maybe I will just order one of those huge dumpsters and just throw everything away.  I think I am going through some sort of nesting faze.  

Tonight I am just going to fill my car trunk full of stuff to take to D.I. (charity).  That should help me sleep at least.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I want the goose that lays the golden eggs now!

This morning was the typical run around morning.  Eva has been sleeping late and I try to let her sleep as long as possible because she probably needs it.  Letting her sleep means as soon as she gets up she gets dressed, eats breakfast, brushes hair and teeth and off we go.  Not a lot of time to spend snuggling and playing in the morning.

So today was that kind of morning.  Running around and getting out the door.  Eva is a good girl and just goes with it until we get to our destination and then she doesn't want me to leave her.  And she begs me to hold her and stay.  Then to avoid tears from the both of us I must hurry faster to leave her because the longer I stay the harder it is.  So I hug her and tell her I will hurry really fast at work and pick her up soon and then I leave.  Today there were no tears from her or whining.  She accepted that I had to go but she was just sad about it.  She stood at the window with both her hands up against it and watched me go.  I smiled and waved at her to try to make things easier for her but as soon as she was out of sight I teared up and cried my way to work.

It is not easy for me to leave my kids with other people so I can work.  Even if I absolutely love and trust the people that they are with.  I want to be the one to spend all that time with my kids.  It is over 30 hours a week that I am missing!  Hence my goal and the business I am trying to build.  I do have hope for my future but the waiting for it is hard.  I want it now!  I want the goose that lays the golden eggs now!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I am 30 weeks pregnant and other things.

My belly is unbelievably round.  
It seems like with my other two pregnancies I had more back and side fat but with this 
one I am all out in front and round.  

Sometimes I can't believe I am already at 30 weeks and then sometimes I can't believe I have so much more to go.  Although technically 8 weeks (which I am willing to happen) isn't that far to go. 
I have a lot to get done before this baby comes one being I need to clean my kitchen.
I also need to organize my house desperately and I need to get some clothes and things for a boy baby.

 Lucky I have these baby converse shoes that are unisex.
They are the cutest things on earth.
Scarlett loves shoes and had fun playing in the dirt in her little converses.  

The girls slept at Clint's house last night.  It is really weird how empty my house feels when the girls are gone.  I always miss them terribly.  It can be weird to enjoy a night away yet miss them terribly at the same time.
I went to the movie Hunger Games last night.  I just finished reading the book so I took the opportunity to go.
It was good but pretty much exactly like the book so you can either read the book or see the movie.
It felt slow and long since there were no surprises.  

The end.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2

Here are the pictures from our fun Easter day.

We had some amazing food of course!

The competing eggs for the egg rolling.
The bride egg was the favorite.
My cousin is getting married and so she made herself a bride egg.  
The veil was removable of course for the serious stuff.

Eva rolling her egg.

The eggs in the grass.
With each roll the shortest 2 in distance were eliminated.

The finalists.
Eva going up against the winner from last year, my uncle Bob.
His BMW egg from last year was really speedy.
But could he pull it off again?
It was intense!

Eva won!
This is her winner's pose.
It's a fairly pose mixed with a little bit of Gandalf.
(If you are a true fan you will know what I mean.)

Eva hunting for eggs.

Sweet Scarlett.
When she found out there was candy in the eggs she really got moving.

And another one just because she is so sweet!

What a fun day! 

Monday, April 9, 2012


We had a fun Easter.  So far I have just this photo to share but it is probably the best one anyways.
We did not pose Eva at all.  She put her arm around Scarlett all on her own.
I love these girls.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Clint bought Eva a four wheeler.  It is a real one.  
She can ride it by herself and knows how to shift the gears.
It is pretty cute.

This is Eva looking at a moose up in the mountains.
I love her.

Sweet sisters.

Did you know that Eva's name is not pronounced eeeva it is pronounced like if you were saying forever but for-Eva.  Like how Outkast says it in their songs.  I think I will have to listen to some Outkast today.  Foreva eva..... eva, eva.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Feng shui-ing my life post 1.

Starting my own business has be fun and rewarding but also hard and frustrating.  I have been at it for 30 days and I got a small promotion since I reached a goal but have had a hard time getting my little business ball rolling and feel like I run into "walls" a lot.

I need all the help I can get so I decided to dust off a book I got a year ago and actually put it to use.
It is called Move your Stuff, Change Your Life and is a simple, easy approach to Feng Shui.  It gives you all the basics that you need and then if you want more you can get a bigger book.  Here is the author's blog if you want more info on her and her tips.

The first thing I did was map out my floor plan into the bagua.  It separates your home into 9 areas.  The suggestion is to first focus on the areas you are having trouble with so the area I did last night was the prosperity area.  This happens to be my bathroom which is actually not a very good prosperity area.  With all the drains and water I guess my prosperity is being flushed away.  Here are the quick fixes I did:

Red around all the drains. 
 Since the toilet one is visible I tried to make it cute.
Eva doesn't know how she feels about it.

Purple, red, green and gold are the prosperity colors.
I put purple felt under my sink, I hid a nail, a candle and some wood under my sink, I added a purple ribbon to my window sill, I added some gold objects to my window sill as well and then a green plant.
I also wrote down my goals, wrapped it in a dollar bill and hid it away.

These rocks are to add earth elements to counteract all the water.
A mirror facing up to change the direction of the chi and deflect the water energy upwards.
I also put a mirror in the toilet tank facing up.

Then I cleaned and organized the space.  One tricky thing about the prosperity corner is that you should not have a garbage can it it.  You can have one with a lid but it is still not ideal.  That will be tricky since it is the bathroom but I immediately took it out.

If you are wondering where your prosperity area of your house is stand at your front door and it is the far left corner of your house or bedroom.  If you have an attached garage that is included in your floor plan.  Maybe your prosperity area could use some cleaning and some color.

I am going to go one area at a time.  My next area is the helpful people area.  It is the opposite corner of the prosperity area and they work well together if they are both in harmony.

It's worth a shot and I believe that everything around us has energy so why not put it to good use.  It was 1 a.m. when I was finished and I actually had a great time doing it and felt great after.  The time flew by and I had no idea it was so late!

Then Scarlett woke up because she was throwing up so maybe health should be next.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Doctors are having a love affair with dairy.

Maybe you can learn something from Scarlett's dairy story.

I know a lot of people struggle with the dairy situation or with their kids so I thought I would tell you Scarlett's dairy story.
Scarlett had a few ear infections before she started drinking regular milk but as soon as we switched from formula to milk they increased greatly and were close together.  At one of her doctor appointments he told me that if she got another infection in the next month he would recommend tubes because he couldn't give her antibiotics again. (Which come to find after my research that antibiotics don't really help ear infections anyways.  What?!)  The doctor wanted to see her again in a week to check her ears and so that's when I started my game plan.

First:  No more dairy.
Second:  See a chiropractor.

Easy game plan.

I found a chiropractor the same day that works with kids.  Little did I know I found an amazing chiropractor who doesn't practice the traditional "bone popping" method but uses deep vibration to adjust plus he practices what can be best described as energy work which is where he asks your body what it needs to find out what is going to work for it.  I love his method and was very familiar with it because of my massage therapy training and because of growing up with my grandmother who taught me similar things.

So I took Scarlett to the chiropractor where he adjusted her with deep vibrations and then asked her body questions to find out what would be best.  I asked if I should switch to soy milk and he asked her body and then said no, that her body wouldn't respond well to soy milk but said rice milk would be best.  For some reason I wanted to do almond milk and he said that would be fine too.  He also cleared some of her emotions which was interesting.  She wasn't feeling well and just wasn't too happy.  She was standing on my lap facing away from me.  As soon as he cleared her emotions she turned around and gave me a big kiss on the lips and turned back to him with a big smile on her face.  She had never voluntarily kissed me on her own free will until then.  It was pretty fun to see.  I swear it is not weird.  He uses magnets to clear the emotions and he is a really normal guy.  He looks like someone you would see at church. We were all happy when we left and headed straight to the store to stock up on almond milk and almond yogurt.

Things seemed to be going really well but then I got the stomach flu and then so did both my girls.  Scarlett seemed like she couldn't recover though and threw up every night for 2 weeks and lost a little weight.  I also found out that Clint had been giving her soy milk but suspected that it was causing her problems so he stopped it.  I had never told him what the chiropractor said about soy so I found this interesting.  We went to the doctor and he suggested the B.R.A.T. diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast and also noodles) for 24 hours.  He also thought that the almond milk might be too heavy for her to digest so I switched to rice milk, which was what the chiropractor suggested anyways.  I get the fortified rice milk since plain rice milk is pretty much like water.  That finally worked and got the throw up out of our house.  It was a long two weeks. The way the BRAT diet is supposed to work is that since those foods are very easily digested it gives the intestines time to heal.  But no more than 24 hours since it is not the richest in nutrients.

I also did an extra step and went to Whole Foods and got a pro biotic powder for kids that is virtually tasteless and you just put it in a drink or sprinkle it on food.  It is a great way to give your kids pro biotics and avoid dairy since most people use yogurt to get pro biotics.

We continued to go to the chiropractor for a few weeks a couple times a week and by our next doctor's appointment Scarlett's ears looked much better and by her next appointment they looked perfect.  We haven't had an ear infection since.  We have had 2 cases where she threw up and both cases she had ice cream so there you go.  I never went to an allergist so I can't say she actually has a milk allergy so I just say she is milk sensitive and ask those who watch her not to give her dairy.

My sister Natalie, who is an expert on most things, has an extreme sensitivity to milk as does her son so she was a big help and coached me through my experience.  One thing I have found is that doctors are always skeptical when you mention milk allergies.  Mine didn't think that was the problem at all and he said if it is an allergy it would show on her skin too.  Through my research and experience I have found that not to be true for everyone.  But my doctor also thinks it is safe to have fluoride added to our water so I have to question some things he tells me.  I really like my doctor but I am aware that he doesn't know everything and we have a different set of belief systems when it comes to some things.  As with all doctors and medical treatments your health is up to you and you should NEVER just take a doctor's word for it.  You need to be proactive and do your own research and get other opinions.  It still boggles my mind that the medical community is so attached to milk and dares to say that kids brains won't develop properly with out it.  I want to know the reason they are so attached to it.  Are they getting some residual from dairy sales?  Why not try eliminating first before needlessly prescribing antibiotics and surgery?!

That discussion could go on forever.

Let's move on and discuss the morals of this story.

1.  Lot's of people are sensitive to dairy and the range of sensitivity can vary greatly.  Try eliminating it from your life for a week and see if you notice a difference in the way you feel.  Maybe it will get rid of the eternal drip that is my left nostril and caused an infection this year.  I love cheese.

2.  Doctors are our friends but are not Gods.  They do not know everything and they have their own biases and beliefs.  Be proactive when it comes to your health and your families health.  Research, learn and don't be pressured into treatment you may be uncomfortable with or don't know anything about.

3.  There are alternative therapies that can work wonders.  If you want the name and number of my chiropractor email me.

4.  Scarlett is precious and her little precious intestines can't handle ice cream.  Poor girl.  I have a pint of Cold Stone in my fridge.  I must eat it but my sinuses will be all mucousy the next day.  But I can't waste it!
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