Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2

Here are the pictures from our fun Easter day.

We had some amazing food of course!

The competing eggs for the egg rolling.
The bride egg was the favorite.
My cousin is getting married and so she made herself a bride egg.  
The veil was removable of course for the serious stuff.

Eva rolling her egg.

The eggs in the grass.
With each roll the shortest 2 in distance were eliminated.

The finalists.
Eva going up against the winner from last year, my uncle Bob.
His BMW egg from last year was really speedy.
But could he pull it off again?
It was intense!

Eva won!
This is her winner's pose.
It's a fairly pose mixed with a little bit of Gandalf.
(If you are a true fan you will know what I mean.)

Eva hunting for eggs.

Sweet Scarlett.
When she found out there was candy in the eggs she really got moving.

And another one just because she is so sweet!

What a fun day! 


sweetheber said...

It IS a Fairy/Gandalf pose!! I love it :)

sware said...

Such a fun day:)

sinika said...

Your girls are getting so big and are of course, are as beautiful as ever.

I want to start the rolling egg tradition with my boys. I pinned it so I can remember for next year.

Ms. Hobbs said...

Scarlett is SO darling! She is getting cuter and cuter every day and boy of boy does she look like her daddy! What a doll. :)

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