Monday, April 16, 2012

Excuse me my dear, do you have a match?

(My aunt gave me some golden eggs to help me while I am waiting for my golden egg laying goose.)

It has been a hard couple of days.  I think a big part of my anxiety is my house feels oppressive lately.  I am constantly cleaning yet my house is never clean.  I am serious!  If you came over right now you would think I hadn't cleaned my house in a week yet I feel like all I do is clean.  Where did I get so much stuff?  I am thinking about just making a pile of all my junk in my backyard and then burning it.  While I'm at it I will burn all my bras because seriously who wants to wear a bra while they are pregnant?  Not me.  Maybe I will just order one of those huge dumpsters and just throw everything away.  I think I am going through some sort of nesting faze.  

Tonight I am just going to fill my car trunk full of stuff to take to D.I. (charity).  That should help me sleep at least.

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sinika said...

I am feeling so cluttered lately too! I just want to throw everything away, but then there's my problem with getting rid of things. It doesn't help! I'm thinking it is just spring cleaning phase I go through with every season change actually... Maybe I'll see you at DI.

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