Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Feng shui-ing my life post 1.

Starting my own business has be fun and rewarding but also hard and frustrating.  I have been at it for 30 days and I got a small promotion since I reached a goal but have had a hard time getting my little business ball rolling and feel like I run into "walls" a lot.

I need all the help I can get so I decided to dust off a book I got a year ago and actually put it to use.
It is called Move your Stuff, Change Your Life and is a simple, easy approach to Feng Shui.  It gives you all the basics that you need and then if you want more you can get a bigger book.  Here is the author's blog if you want more info on her and her tips.

The first thing I did was map out my floor plan into the bagua.  It separates your home into 9 areas.  The suggestion is to first focus on the areas you are having trouble with so the area I did last night was the prosperity area.  This happens to be my bathroom which is actually not a very good prosperity area.  With all the drains and water I guess my prosperity is being flushed away.  Here are the quick fixes I did:

Red around all the drains. 
 Since the toilet one is visible I tried to make it cute.
Eva doesn't know how she feels about it.

Purple, red, green and gold are the prosperity colors.
I put purple felt under my sink, I hid a nail, a candle and some wood under my sink, I added a purple ribbon to my window sill, I added some gold objects to my window sill as well and then a green plant.
I also wrote down my goals, wrapped it in a dollar bill and hid it away.

These rocks are to add earth elements to counteract all the water.
A mirror facing up to change the direction of the chi and deflect the water energy upwards.
I also put a mirror in the toilet tank facing up.

Then I cleaned and organized the space.  One tricky thing about the prosperity corner is that you should not have a garbage can it it.  You can have one with a lid but it is still not ideal.  That will be tricky since it is the bathroom but I immediately took it out.

If you are wondering where your prosperity area of your house is stand at your front door and it is the far left corner of your house or bedroom.  If you have an attached garage that is included in your floor plan.  Maybe your prosperity area could use some cleaning and some color.

I am going to go one area at a time.  My next area is the helpful people area.  It is the opposite corner of the prosperity area and they work well together if they are both in harmony.

It's worth a shot and I believe that everything around us has energy so why not put it to good use.  It was 1 a.m. when I was finished and I actually had a great time doing it and felt great after.  The time flew by and I had no idea it was so late!

Then Scarlett woke up because she was throwing up so maybe health should be next.

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sweetheber said...

I can't believe you have red rick rack tied around your toilet :) I think it's so funny that Eva isn't sure how she feels about it--she's so cute :) In my prosperity corner I have a beautifully stitched Marie Antoinette doll pillow--from you! I love it! I think that it certainly does it's job, adding beauty, color & joy to the corner. We'll see if it also adds prosperity :)

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