Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Natalie's neat and tidy tips post 3.

I now have one room in my home that is highly organized!
I just happens to be the room that no one will really go in.  It is my basement storage and I started there because it was quite a disaster as you can see from this before picture.

Yes I know it looks really bad.  I just got to the point where I would just throw things in there and just shut the door and try not to think about it.  It didn't work though, it haunted me.  So, that's where we started.

Natalie drove down to my house and we worked 7 pm to midnight shaping this space up.  Before she came I was assigned to buy storage bins.

Natalie's tips to picking out good storage bins:
1:  Don't buy the clear kind.  Although they are nice to see into your bin they tend to be flimsier and crack and break easier.
2:  Buy bins with lids that click and are sturdy so that they can be stacked on.  Test out the lid by putting some weight on it and make sure it can handle it.
3:  Buy more bins than you think you need because you will always use them in the future.  You will want at least 4-6 empty bins when you are done for future use.  
4:  To pick out the right size make sure you leave growing room in your bins because you will most likely add to your storage than subtract from it.  So don't buy the perfect size bin that fits your things perfectly but full.  You want to be able to add to it.  
5:  Buy the same color and size ( some exceptions on size) so that things can look neat and tidy.  

I decided to head to Walmart to hopefully find nice bins at a nice price and I did luckily since I needed a lot of bins.  I got 16 eighteen gallon bins for $4.97 each and 2 thirty gallon bins for $12.97 each.  My color options were red or grey so I went with the happy red.

I was also assigned to get labels in size 2x4.

Here are the after pictures:

Amazing right?
I used the 2 thirty gallon bins for Christmas decorations which includes all my lights and everything plus extra space of course.  Then the Christmas tree is hidden behind the shorter bins which also makes them flush with the longer bins which makes things look neat and tidy (I'm learning so much).  

Natalie's tips for stacking your storage bins:
1:  Furthest holiday away goes on the bottom of the stack and then rotate them up.
2:  Make sure to put the bins you will get into the most towards the top.  For example I have a party box which includes my paper plates, cups and napkins as well as birthday supplies (need to get my array of streamers still).  I will get into that a lot.  I will also access my summer supplies a lot and my handbags and diaper bags a lot so those are all at the top. Old memories are way on the bottom.
3:  Anything really heavy on the bottom obviously so the bins won't easily fall over.  

 This is the small closet which Natalie organized for me.  
I can say I have food storage because I have canned tomatoes and grape juice.

Since there was so much free space I moved my craft bins to the basement.
This will really free up some much needed space upstairs.
(I won't show you the inside of my craft drawers since they are not tidy.)

And here are my labels printed in my favorite font.
I wanted to put a pretty border on it because I new Natalie would be really proud if I did but I couldn't figure it out.  I will have to work on it.
Natalie's recommendation is to tape the labels on rather than use the sticky part.
Apparently they really stick and do not come off tidily enough.
Neat and tidy is the goal and you must even plan for future tidiness!

I love my clean, lovely basement it is so organized!  I feel so much better knowing this is checked off my list.

Thank you, thank you Nat for helping me!  And if I forgot anything about your tips please leave a comment to help future organizers.

Our next project is the kids room to prepare for the new babe.  All the kids will be sharing one room so we have to get a lot of clothes into one small space.  I will need a highly organized system to keep this room neat and tidy.  Should be a fun adventure.


sweetheber said...

YAY!! It looks beautiful! Isn't it amazing how refreshing it feels to have a tidy room? Even if it's a room we rarely use or see. Organizing a space is as much about emotional freedom as it is about the physical tidiness.

I love the font you chose--it's darling! I do love borders :) but these look great. If you still want a border, I'll show you how. You covered all the tips perfectly--I'm so impressed that you remembered them all. I can't wait to dig in to the kids room!!

sware said...

Looks great guys! When you coming out to help me organize?! ;)

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