Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Scarlett has healthy poops!

Since opening up about Scarlett's dairy sensitivity I learned I come from a long line of dairy sensitive people.  I thought it was just my sister but nope, there are quite a few and I learned a lot.
Scarlett's intestines seem to be doing really well.
It's funny how as a mom you celebrate your children's healthy poops.
It is quite a relief actually when your child has healthy poops.

One thing I learned is when buying probiotics for someone who has a dairy sensitivity is that those probiotics should be dairy free.  Duh, right?  I didn't even think of it though!  When I heard this I went home to check mine and they were derived from dairy.  Poor Scarlett.  I bought some new probiotics and it seems to be really helping her.  She has not thrown up since and sleeps easily through the night.

I also got some Omega 3 and some papaya enzyme chewables.  Have you ever tried papaya enzyme?  It is great for stomach aches and digestion and any age can have them and they taste good.  So much better for you than tums.  Eva just likes them so she will say her tummy hurts so she can have a few.  Anyways try them out.  I just smash a couple with a spoon and spoon feed them to Scarlett.  She likes them too.
This is the brand I bought at Good Earth but there are lots of brands and you can get some at Whole Foods too.  I have not checked the normal grocery store.

The only time Scarlett has any dairy is when it is added to baked goods like pancakes and bread and she seems to be just fine with that.  Cheese was the hardest thing to learn to work around but now I don't even notice it is missing.

Yay for Scarlett's digestion and healthy poops!

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