Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"What is a doughnut?"

First off, D-O-U-G-H-N-U-T-S is how I learned to spell it in school.  When did we start spelling it donuts?  Is it just the lazy American way or something?

As mentioned the last couple days have not been the best.  They've just been hard.  Which is fine.  I have to expect that.  I went to visit my grandma yesterday which was a wonderful escape of my reality but at the end of my visit I found myself in the parking lot of Krispy Kreme.  I believe the one by her house is the last standing store in Utah or at least one of the last.  Krispy Kreme hit Utah like a storm but then faded really fast and they are only available in gas stations now.

Anyways, yes I comfort eat.  Who doesn't???

So I ate two while my girls slept in the back seat and I drove home feeling slightly better.  The thing about comfort eating is that the good feelings only last for an instant and then you are left still depressed but now feeling yucky and full.  What I should do is exercise but whatever.

So this morning I fed my girls their breakfast and was racing out the door as usual when I realized I hadn't eaten anything so I wrapped two beautiful, chocolate frosted with rainbow sprinkle Krispy Kremes in a paper towel and jumped in the car.  Eva saw my little package but could not see the contents when she said, "Mom, can I have a bite of your sandwich?" and I thought about how much she would love a bite and I handed her one of those gorgeous doughnuts.  She took it in her sweet, dainty hand and gasped at the gorgeous rainbow covered delight that was before her (she is a really good gasper) and this was the conversation:

Eva:  "Is this a circle."
Me:  "Yes, it is a doughnut."
Eva:  "What is a doughnut."  (Full of awe and excitement.)
(You should be proud of me here that she has never had a doughnut before, plenty of cupcakes though.)
Me:  "That is a doughnut."
Eva:  (After taking a few bites.)  "This is really good, I like doughnuts."

She only ate one third of it and then I got to eat the rest.  Scarlett probably could have finished 2 of them and wanted more.  Have I mentioned that it is amazing how much food Scarlett can fit into her tiny body.  She always eats double what Eva eats.  Scarlett is definitely her dads twin.

P.S.  Shayla D.  can you email me?  How can I get a hold of you?

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sweetheber said...

We have one by us. My boys know what it means when the "light" is on. They'll say, "Are we stopping to get a free donut today?" They really do make you feel better :)

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