Tuesday, May 15, 2012

35 weeks pregnant and getting nervous.

(I am aware that I was wearing the exact same outfit when I took a picture of myself at 33 weeks but seriously I am 35 weeks pregnant a running quickly out of comfortable clothes so stop judging!)

I am to the point in my pregnancy where the only positive thing left about it is that I don't have to maintain my mustache and leg hair.  All the hair on my body has turned very fine and it looks like I shave my arms.  It is quite nice.  I guess the other positive thing is that I can groan and moan about how uncomfortable I am and I get a lot of sympathy and people help me out and rub my feet and legs which is very, very appreciated.

For the most part this pregnancy has been a breeze and I can't really complain.  I haven't had any real emotional or physical issues which has been a big blessing with all the emotional drama that has been going on these last 8 months.  The good thing now that I am at the end is that the emotional drama has subsided and things are going pretty well.

One thing I have noticed about this pregnancy is the way people speak to me and comment about my belly.  So many strangers talk to me like I am a child and go into a voice they probably only reserve for a 3 year old and tell me how precious and cute I look.  I can tell they want to touch my belly but so far no stranger has.  Also, a friend pointed out and since then I have noticed it to be true, that other babies love me and seem to be really snuggly and fall asleep when I hold them.  It must be a special pregnant energy.  Not only do I have that pregnancy glow but my energy must have a nice pregnancy glow too.

Lots of women told me I would carry differently with a boy and it is true that since I am having a boy I am carrying so differently than I did with my girls.  This pregnancy I am literally sticking straight out and it looks like I just have a basketball under my clothes.  It is interesting.

The closer I get to my due date the more nervous I get.  I think I am making myself more and more nervous by talking about it and thinking about it but I can't help it.  I have to push a baby out of my...body and I am nervous, OK scared, about doing it.  I know I have done it twice before but jeez I have not forgotten it and I would really like it to go by quickly and just get to the moment where all the pain is gone and a baby is plunked down on my chest and I get to have the surge of happy chemicals enter my brain and I exclaim that I would like to have 5 more.  Right after Scarlett I was so high on happiness chemicals that I claimed I would like to do it again 5 more times.  That's how great it feels when it is over!  I just need to focus on that moment.

I have a group of friends and family that I text updates to during labor and when they can come visit (let me know if you want to be apart of the group.) and I will be asking them all to light a candle and pray when they get the text that I am in active labor and headed to the hospital because seriously I will need a lot of silent support this time I think.  I just need some bravery and peace I think.

Anyways, that's it.  Tomorrow I hit 35 weeks!


sware said...

Include me in the texts!!

Selfishly, I hope you go full term so I can come to the hospital. :)

Shayla said...

Include me...I can't come see you, but I can light a candle and say prayers for you! You looks so great, so amazing how our bodies work. I am so glad you are feeling happy! ;)

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