Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Big, messy hair = love.

Did you know I love big messy hair?
To me it is fun, sassy and unique.
Because my hair is stick straight and flat big messy hair is a challenge but one I still love to attempt.  Hence my favorite look is beach hair or otherwise known as a ratted messy mess of hair that is more dirty than clean.  Love, love, love beach hair and I am so glad summer is hear so I can do it every day.  Just hand me some beach spray and move aside!

I pin a lot of hair dos I love on Pinterest if you would like a better idea of what I am talking about.  I get inspired by a look and then I attempt to copy it to a more subdued day look.
Here is one I came across yesterday:

Love the hair, love the makeup, love the lighting, love the photography.
If I had a photographer in my life I would copy this and make them make me look this gorgeous.

Because I don't have the proper tools, time and probably hair this is my rendition of this hair do and mind you it must also be office appropriate so the picture is more inspiration with the result being very much subdued.
And because we are in the week of 3 here are 3 hilarious pictures of me trying to capture a picture of myself and my hair.

Here is the final look.

Here is one with a braid but I have too many layers to do a braid right now.
Don't you love my belly shirt?

And this is just freakin' funny.

I feel like my hair is a little bigger than what these pictures show but whatever.

Enjoy your day.  I hope you are inspired by something today too.

And if you need a good hair blog here is my friend Reagan's blog who actually knows how to do great hair and she gives great tips.  She is Hairdresser on Fire.

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