Friday, May 25, 2012

I was posted on another blog and my weekend plans.

My friend Becky is a mother of twins.
I met her when I lived in Minnesota.  I love Minnesota by the way (I miss you my MN Brady's!).
I love reading about her adventures of being a mom of identical twins plus everything else she does.  And she makes some amazing dinners that inspire me to do much better on my planning and preparing meals.
She flattered me by posting my motherhood essay.
Check it out here.
I am always surprised when I find out people read my blog and there is always this weird insecure feeling that comes over me.
I am always extremely surprised and flattered when people actually like my blog and tell me they enjoy it.
So thanks Becky.

In other news I am quarantined all weekend.  Scarlett and Eva have hand foot and mouth.  I have no idea where they got it and I feel so bad having to tell people they have been around that their kids will most likely get sick.  Luckily for adults it can be just a mild cold.

Scarlett is almost over it but Eva just began the process today.  If you don't know what the process is it goes fever, sore throat, spots and rash.  It lasts 3-5 days and is a damn virus so I can just do pain control.  Ugh.

We thought it was chicken pox (I wish, that would have been much easier) or scarlett fever but nope.

So those are my awesome Memorial Day plans.


Nessa Dee said...

I'm sorry your girls are sick. Never fun. And viruses are the pits!

Thanks for posting the list of "good to buy organic fruits and veggies." I've been trying to incorporate more organic stuff, but always forget which ones are better to buy if I'm going to splurge. My neighbors just let us raid their peach trees, so I'm really excited about making peach cobbler. It feels so much better to cook with local, organic foods.

Shayla said...

Hand foot and mouth, that is terrible! I am sure they have been miserable. I hope everybody gets better quickly! :)

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