Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life is pretty

I am feeling really good today.
And honestly I am a bit surprised about it.  
I am still in the phase where when I am feeling really good I question if I should grasp on to it and enjoy it or let it go knowing that the next day could be quite the opposite.
I am feeling safe to grasp on to it and hold tight.
I believe that I am over a lot of humps and through a lot of roadblocks and the 
future is looking much more positive.  
Dare I say it?  I am feeling really, really happy.  
Even the future of pushing a baby out of my body can't bring me down today.  
I realize that things can change in an instant so I must document these feelings now.

And so here are some of my favorite pictures as of late since these girls are such a huge part of my happiness.

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