Thursday, May 3, 2012

For the love of olives and shoes.

During this pregnancy I have come to love kalamata olives.
This is kind of a big deal because I have never liked these olives and the word hate could be used.  
I could only the handle the black ones that come in cans but have now learned that these olives are virtually tasteless and boring compared to the other wonderful olives out there in the world.  
I now buy kalamata olives from the olive bar since I am so hip and trendy and I suck on them and can't get enough.
I went to my refrigerator to eat some olives and I found 3 there waiting for me.
It wasn't enough, of course, but that is how 3 popped into my life today.  
I know not that cosmic but it's all I got.
If you are wondering about the 3 thing click here.

In other, unrelated news, Scarlett loves shoes.
When she got to be a really good walker I started putting shoes on her and she could tell this was a big step in the world of growing up.  Since then she loves having them on and will bring me shoes and say, "Soo, soo." so I can put them on her.  ( I don't like putting shoes on my kids until I have to because I love baby feet and toes and kissing them any chance I get and shoes seem to be a hindrance in doing this.)
Here are some pictures of Scarlett in my shoes.

And here is a picture of Scarlett because she is so gorgeous and you might have forgotten that.


sweetheber said...

GREAT post! I love olives & baby feet in big shoes :)

Nessa Dee said...

I still don't like olives, despite the pregnancy. I accidentally ate one in a salad and about lost my lunch. I love the whole "3" thing. My favorite # was always 5...and now we're going to be a family of five. I've been meaning to tell you thanks for the advice on cloth diapers. I had planned on using disposables until this baby's about 8 weeks old...I read that the adjustable diapers are too big for newborns. I have a feeling this is just going to be a quick phase in my life, but if I can at least save a little money while I'm at home, it's better than nothing. Oh, and you look awesome! I feel Like my stomach looks like a torpedo.

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