Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Organic? Eliminate toxins in your life post 2.

I am listening to an audio book about all the bad processed food in our lives and what it does inside your body.  I pretty much have heard the information before but it is good to hear it again so that I can re-commit to a healthier life.  The problem though is that all the guilt and depression that comes with the knowledge that the chocolate covered raisins I bought are just feeding my potential cancer cells or making my body more yeasty or throwing off the ph balance or whatever can be really heavy on my brain.  Then throw in my kids and the little treats I give them and now I am believing that I am a horrible parent and can't possibly love them enough.

I am aware this is irrational but really, our food is messed up and our brains are messed up and we all need to just eat whole foods ideally organic and we would all be happier, healthier people.  Plus, one good thing is that if I had to eat one food the rest of my life I would have to pick organic strawberries or raspberries.  So I think that is a positive thing since I didn't pick some dessert or chocolaty sweet thing.  Aren't you proud?

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Did you know that there are some fruits and vegetables that you should always buy organic?  There are fruits and vegetables that hold on to pesticides more than others.  Don't worry, I have provided some lists for your enjoyment and help.

Here is the list you should buy organic in order of most pesticide potential if not buying organic: (did that make sense?)
1:  Apples
2:  Celery
3:  Strawberries
4:  Peaches
5:  Spinach
6:  Nectarines
7:  Grapes
8:  Sweet bell peppers
9:  Potatoes
10:  Blueberries
11:  Lettuce
12:  Kale/Collard Greens

Here is a list of foods least likely to have pesticides just so your head doesn't explode with worry:
1:  Onions
2:  Corn
3:  Pineapple
4:  Avocado
5:  Asparagus
6:  Sweet Peas
7:  Mango
8:  Eggplant
9:  Cantaloupe
10:  Kiwi
11:  Cabbage
12:  Watermelon
13:  Sweet Potatoes
14:  Grapefruit (yay!)
15:  Mushrooms

I got these lists from Eating Well magazine which I love.  Here they are online.  Eating Well has amazing recipes and amazing tips.

Good luck.

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Shayla said...

This is a constant battle in my mind! We do have food issues, it is sad. I am always reading and learning about food and even applying new things, but then we slip...it is a constant work in progress. :)

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