Friday, May 4, 2012

Post from the past.

This is a post from July of 2008.

It is about my lucky number 3 and it still rings true for me today so I thought I would post it again.  Also I am so very glad that it is not July 2008 and that year is far behind me.

Why is it that when we finally figure things out it is way too late to apply the learning? Why is life like this? Like high school, you look back and you can see what was really important and that you wasted all your time worrying about all the stupid, unimportant stuff. Or like being single, all that you want to do when you are single is find someone that you can make a commitment with or get married to and then when that happens you realize that you are happy but that being single wasn't so bad and you wish you would have enjoyed it a bit more. Or when you are young and all you want to be is older than you are and then you get older and all you want to be is younger than you are.

My wish is that if we really work hard during this life and we learn from our mistakes we will get another life and be able to apply all these things that we have learned. Otherwise, what is the point. The thing I dread is that this is my second life which would mean I am a very slow learner and if that is the case I hope we get three.

Three is my lucky number.

Here is a cute picture of Eva for you for stopping by today.

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Jessica said...

I remember this post from when you wrote it in July 2008. It stuck with me. Good luck with the last stretch of your pregnancy! I've been thinking of you.

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