Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some things.

So my 33 week is officially up.  Yesterday I hit 34 weeks.  Nothing really major happened to me last week that I would deem extremely lucky but maybe lots of things happened that I am unaware of.  But it was a good week and I am happy and healthy and my kids are happy and healthy and the weather is wonderful so things are going well.

I held a brand new baby yesterday and Scarlett seemed pretty OK with it which put me a little at ease for my future.  I must say though that I love my little routine with my girls right now and I am sad that it is coming to an end.  I worry that I won't have time for all the snuggling and I find myself praying that this baby is a really good sleeper and mellow so that I still have time to spend with my girls and kiss Scarlett's squishy cheeks and hold Eva when she asks.  I remember having these same worries when Scarlett was coming and everything turned out fine so I'm sure everything will be fine and I will end up wondering how I ever lived without 3 kids.  Pretty sure at least.

On a very side note, remember this picture of Scarlett in my Frye shoes?

Well the Frye company on Instagram liked my picture.  That's it, they just liked it but it made my day.  Silly.

Eva had her first swimming lesson on Monday and she has another one today.  Her lessons will last the whole month.  She absolutely loves them and threw the biggest fit of her life so far when we had to leave.  It was sad and funny.  On the ten minute drive home I remained quiet and this is what she said, or at least what I can remember she said:

"And you are mean to me, and you make me cry, and you talk grumpy to me, and I don't want to leave swim lessons, and you make me leave swim lessons, and you turn things around, and you need to drive with two hands, and Scarlett needs to stop looking at me, and you need to talk gently to me, and you talk mean to me, and you are talking sassy to me, and you are making me cry..."

She just went on and on for about 10 minutes until we got home.  So now I know what Eva hears when I discipline her.  I wish I would have recorded it but I didn't know it would last that long.  I will be prepared for the next time.  I will also prepare her better today and explain to her exactly how long she has in the pool.  It should be fun though because me and Scarlett are going to play in the pool while Eva has her lessons.  That is right!  I am going to get into a swim suit and maybe, just maybe, I will take a picture of the amazingness of it.

And here is Eva's first school picture.  It doesn't really look like her but I think it is pretty funny because they posed her.  She got to pick her outfit and how her hair was done which means her hair wasn't done.

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sware said...

LOVE Eva's lecture to you:) So cute!

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