Thursday, June 7, 2012

38 week update and contest.

I am 38 weeks.  I have never been past 38.5 weeks but I think I will this time.
I am only dilated to 1 cm.
Last time when I started dilating on my own it took 2.5 weeks to have Scarlett.  So I might have a while.
My doctor went out of town yesterday and will be gone until the 18th.  My due date is the 19th.
I would like my doctor there and I am feeling pretty good so if I can stay feeling good I wouldn't mind if I had 2 more weeks to hold this baby in.  Most likely I will give birth the day before my doctor comes home.
He has assured me that he has spoken with his backups and told them my birth plan and all of that but I know doctors and they hate people like me who don't want to be on their agenda so I am a bit nervous about using a new doctor.  So my preference would to just give birth when my doctor is home.

My feet are starting to swell, I have that horrible side ache that becomes unbearable if I sit down for too long and my pelvis is so soft walking can be hard but seriously I am feeling good.

So onto the contest.

Try to guess when I am going to have this baby of mine and if you are right you will win a pound of my favorite See's chocolate which I will hand select and send to you.  Keep in mind I like milk chocolate and really sweet, wonderful chocolate so maybe you won't want to enter but really you do because it is so good. Who doesn't want a butterscotch square, a milk bordeaux, truffles, scotch kisses, molasses chip, and on and on?

So leave a comment and pick a day and time you think I will have my baby (say am or pm).  If you don't want to leave a comment you can text or email me.

Here is some past history that might help you.

With Eva I was induced so I can only go off of one pregnancy.

So with Scarlett:
At 36 weeks I was 1.5 cm dilated and gave birth at 38.5 weeks.
My total labor from start (mild contractions) to finish (the long horrible 8 minute contraction) was just under 24 hours.
My really active (horrible, painful, labor land) labor lasted about 2 hours and the active pushing lasted about 15 minutes.

Obviously Scarlett is a girl and everyone tells me boys cook longer.

There you are.

Good luck.


sware said...

June 15 @ 4:36pm :)

Shayla said...

June 19th @ fun! :) We should be sending you chocolates!

Nessa Dee said...

I'll say June 20th @ 3:04 PM. For me, Audrie came a week early, and Finn was born the day after his due date. I hope your doctor is there for your delivery!

sweetheber said...

Wahoo!! We like the same treats!!
June 18 8:06am

Shayla D. said...

June 16 at 7:38 AM.

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