Tuesday, June 12, 2012

39 Weeks with a serious pregnancy glow.

That has to be pregnancy glow, I am really not that oily.

Anyways, I am 39 weeks pregnant.  This is the furthest along I have ever been.
It doesn't feel like anything is happening or going to happen soon.  This kid is just chillin' upside down and must really be enjoying himself.  I keep thinking he can't be that comfortable but he must be.  I can't really bend over he has dropped so low and I always wonder if his head is just being squished.  Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment to let me know again, I'm sure, how nothing is really going on down there.  But I guess that's fine.  My doctor has another week of vacation and this weekend is our town days which I would love to go to with Eva and Scarlett.

All I have been craving lately is ice cold drinks with ice to suck on after.  Preferably Sonic during happy hour because I love Sonic ice.
I am still working everyday and I feel pretty good actually.

All is well.

1 comment:

Shayla said...

You look great! I really want those chocolates... :)

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