Monday, June 18, 2012

40 Weeks Pregnant

I am 40 weeks pregnant.  I have never been this pregnant.  My abdominal muscles do not like it at all and they burn with all the stretching.  I have no stretch marks on my skin but I often look to see if I can watch them happen.  I guess on the inside of my body there are lots and lots of stretch marks.  I wonder if my muscles will ever be normal again.  It hurts pretty bad and I can't even laugh without feeling pain.

I think the worst part of being 40 weeks pregnant are all the comments from people.  People are amazed I am working or that I showed up although I would have let them know if I had my baby and I wasn't going to show.  People have to let me know how uncomfortable I look while they are sitting so comfortably in their chairs giggling at me.  People automatically assume I will just be induced tomorrow since it is my due date.

Yes, I am 40 weeks pregnant.
Yes, I look really big.
Yes, the baby has dropped.
Yes, I am actually really uncomfortable.

No, I am not going to be induced just because I am a little overdue.  I actually believe that my body knows what is going on and that it knows what to do in this whole situation.  I don't think I need to interfere with the natural process yet.  I think 42 weeks will be my limit but we will see.

The end.

And Scarlett loves to play with my outy belly button.


Shayla said...

I am hoping for tomorrow. :) I thought I did not have stretch marks when I had the triplets...and no one in the hospital told me, but I had them terrible below my belly button, so lovely! You are lucky to have avoided them...keep up the good work.

Nikki Hilton said...

Good Luck... practice doctor guidelines for normal delivery.

Unknown said...

I just recently had my baby and it seems like nothing I do is helping get ride of the saggy/loose skin I have seemed to obtain while be pregnant. I have looked into a few skin tightening products and am wondering if you have ever tried or needed anything like this before.

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