Thursday, June 21, 2012

40.5 Week update

So apparently I was due Monday due to leap year.
The update is I am still pregnant.
The concern is an old placenta is not that great.
I am going to have a stress test tomorrow to just make sure everything is OK and then have a doctor's appointment on Monday to figure out if we want to wait or induce.  I don't want to induce but I don't want a huge baby and I don't want an old placenta.
I am feeling good and luckily did not gain any weight this week so maybe that means the baby is a perfect 7 lbs (ya right).  I am hoping for 8 at the maximum.
The stomach muscle burning has subsided a bit so I don't have too much to complain about.
Yesterday I was hugely depressed and could tell it was more of a chemical thing and hoped that meant labor was going to start.  Nope.

There you go.

And everyone was wrong on your guesses for when I would deliver so lucky you you get to guess again.  Leave it in the comments or text or email me so you can win the pound of See's chocolates.  Remember to put down the date and time you think I will deliver.


1 comment:

Ms. Hobbs said...

June 22 @ 11:25 AM !!!!!

That's tomorrow, so get ready! One more slice of that Strawberry Chocolate Pie should do it. Yippee!!!

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