Friday, June 22, 2012

Bad picture Friday.

So I had an idea after going through my phone and deleting about 50 bad pictures of myself.  Maybe I should post some of them because they are pretty funny.  Let's all be honest, when we try to take a good picture of ourselves with our camera phone you get one good one for about every 15 taken.  Maybe.  (Michelle, I'm pretty sure you are the only exception to this rule.  If you know her you know.)

So I will see how long I can keep this up but for bad picture Friday I am going to post all the really, really bad shots of myself and maybe others that I have taken through the week.  Let's get real people.

Simple rules, absolutely not cropping or editing in any way.  Sometimes I preselect a style though, anyone like retro camera like me?

Join me in bad picture Friday.  Post them on your blog and let me know and I will link to it.  Or maybe I will figure out a way to do that link thing to other blogs at the bottom of my Friday posts.  Let me know if you know how to do that.

And on with the bad pics.


Ms. Hobbs said...

Those are good, but I'm not posting any bad pictures of myself. :) I usually delete them RIGHT away anyway, so I don't have any.

mushbelly said...

Haha this is a great idea. Believe me, I take plenty of bad pictures of myself. But since I don't blog anymore I can't post them - but maybe I'll text you the truly awful ones.

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