Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Emotions, prayer, pregnancy.

I was emotional yesterday.  I think I cried three times, all in the car.  I pray a lot while in the car.  I have found it is the only quiet time I have and for some reason I remember to pray right when I get in.  Anyways, one time I was praying and started getting really mad and yelled.  The next time was the apology prayer.  The next time was the thankful prayer.  Ya, I'm 40 weeks pregnant did I mention that?

So really I think this baby is going to burst right out of my abdomen.  It is on fire.

I was all excited last night because I was having more contractions than normal even though they weren't painful I thought maybe something was starting.  It wasn't.  I feel really good today, nothing is happening.  Tomorrow I see my doctor.  I'm pretty sure it will be another week.

1 comment:

Sarah Roundy said...

I've been thinking about you. Is this baby ever going to come? I think that he is just waiting to be born on Brooks' brithday.

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