Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's been 3 months. Here is another photo dump.

2 week appointment.

 Umbilical cord fell off.  
He is officially an adult.
Very sad.

 Moved into size 1 diapers.

 First night away from kids we went to the Neil Diamond concert.
It was awesome!

 I love this picture of Scarlett going on a walk.
It is one of my best.

 He has gorgeous skin.

 First pigtails.

Just cute.

 Started running again.

 Got a horrible eye infection again.  It was much worse this time.
I couldn't drive myself to far places for 4 weeks.
I was extremely sensitive to light for 4 weeks.
I am still getting over it.
It was seriously horrible.
I would choose to deliver Merrill again than have this eye infection again since my labor only lasted 12 hours.

 Eva started school.  She has a uniform this year.

 Eva is gorgeous and loves Octonauts.  So do I.

 I wore my sunglasses everywhere for 2 weeks.
Even at home and at night.

 He has squishy cheeks.

 He is gorgeous.

That last 3 months have gone by really fast.  I can't believe my boy is 3 months old.  He is a happy fellow who just wants to make eye contact and chat.  I love it unless it is 2 a.m. then I just want to sleep and not chat.  My eye infection is much better now but I still must wear my glasses which makes running irritating.  

That is the best update I can muster. 


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My third birth story. Don't worry there are lots of pictures.

I am very happy to be back blogging.  I have missed it and have not journaled anything about my life in the past 3 months which makes me sad but I have the best excuse.  I have been very busty oops meant busy but busty is true too.  

In sticking with the number 3 baby Merrill is now 3 months old so I figure it is a great time to share my 3rd birth story.  I will use pictures to do it purely for your entertainment and to separate out all the words.  If you are an instagram follower you will recognize some of these.  

My third delivery proved to be my quickest and easiest.  Thanks lucky number 3.
Have I mentioned that I am the 3rd child in my family?  Anyways...
My last post about being pregnant was from Thursday the 21st, the day before I delivered.  I was supposed to go have a stress test on Friday but instead I had a baby.  Phew!

On June 20th (Wednesday) I went for my last doctor's visit.  I was 2 days over due.  We discussed that we would make another appointment for Monday and if I had not delivered by then we would talk about inducing.  An old placenta is not a wise placenta, apparently.  I was only dilated to a 1.5 cm and he was being very generous.  My cervix was still really "tight".  I was frustrated.  I went back to work and pre-ordered Brave (the new Pixar movie) tickets for me and Eva to go in the afternoon on Friday.  
I was very sure I would make it to Monday.

Dinner for the girls on the 20th.

Very late Thursday night or maybe even Friday at midnight we had some old friends from out of town visit.  They got me belly laughing hard and it felt so good.  At around 230 or 3 I got my first contraction.  I new it was a real one and it was surprisingly intense for a first contraction.  I looked at the clock and the next one came 10 minutes later.  They started out 10 minutes apart and stayed that way.  They were intense enough that I couldn't sleep through them.  I got up at 330 and took the next few pictures.

Here I am in labor with 330 a.m. labor hair.

Last shot of my pregnant belly.

Last shot of my awesome belly button.
My belly button is really deep so this is a rare sight.  
Also this was the first pregnancy it got to the point of being an "outy".

I plopped down on the couch for the next 10 hours and labored.
I ordered we bought a zoo for a new movie distraction and watched it twice.  
I actually fell asleep a couple times but would wake up with every contraction.
Around 7 everyone else woke up and I ate some breakfast and helped a little with the girls.  I mostly sat and watched them play.  My labor was oddly in my low back, hips and upper thighs and felt like intense charlie horses and walking helped a bit but being up made my contractions closer together.  We decided to take Scarlett to Clint's mom's house and that Clint would take Eva to the movie and I could just labor at home.  I wanted it this way.  I just wanted to be alone. The movie was at 1145 so off they went.  I stayed on the couch mostly and my contractions were about 7-8 minutes apart.  I got up a couple times and walked around the yard but when I did the contractions were 3-4 minutes apart so I decided I better stay down until Clint got home.  I called my doula and she said you can stay laying down and prolong labor a bit or head to the hospital and stay standing and get the baby out faster.  I picked the faster option.  Might as well get it over with.  When Clint got home I told him we should go to the hospital.  On the way I wondered if we should be going and if the hospital would turn me away but then I had a contraction and decided it was a really, really good idea that we were going.

 Here I am during a contraction on the way to the hospital.

Here I am at the hospital in between contractions.
I just stayed standing the whole time and held on to Clint.  It was like we were at a high school dance and lame dancing in a circle except we were not circling just standing.  I had my arms around his torso and he would rub my back.  

We arrived at the hospital at 230 p.m.  My doula arrived 15 minutes later.  
Between contractions that were about 3 minutes apart and getting closer I met the nurses and got my IV in.  Then the nurse checked my cervix and I was at a 7.  Luckily I arrived when I did.  
At around 325 p.m.I started to feel the pressure building and new I would need to push in the next couple contractions. My doula left and called the nurses who let the doctor know.  Everyone was there and ready.  They got the bed ready and my doctor broke my water.  As soon as he did that I started pushing.  With 3 pushes and a ring of fire his head was out!  With one more push and one more ring of fire he was out!  Then came the wonderful happy hormones that make everything rosey and make me feel like I could get up and run a marathon.  Those feelings are so worth not having an epidural.  

Here is me with a look of relief that it is over.
It went so fast and I was so happy and grateful.

Here is another look of pure relief that it is over and maybe some happy emotions mixed in.

Here is my sweet brand new baby boy.
I love the feeling of a brand new babies wet, warm skin.

Just utter, blurry happiness.  

7lbs 12oz

Back in my arms.  
I was so nervous about having a boy but as soon as I laid eyes on him I 
never have had another thought or feeling of nervousness again.

I love this picture of him looking at me with his brand new puffy eyes.

We love him!
He was born on Friday, June 22 at 3:33 p.m.
It was a perfect delivery.  I had a great and supportive nursing staff and doctor.  
I have a great doula who has been there for all 3 of my kids deliveries.
Clint is so great because he is always calm and level headed and supportive.
It was a great day.

Father and son.

Little bundle.

Eva and Scarlett stayed with Clint's parents and they brought them to visit on Saturday.
They loved him and had to sit with me and touch and kiss him.
They are great big sisters.

Scarlett giving baby brother a snuggle.

I have 3 kids!!!!

Here is a shot of my belly one day after delivery.

Headed home getting the car seat check.

Sunday, back on the couch where I labored for most of the day Friday.

Sweet big sister Eva!

Scarlett loves to be around her baby brother.  
She brought in a book so she could sit down and read next to him.

Belly shot 5 days after delivery.

And here I am.  I am a mom of a wonderful baby boy and 2 sweet girls.
I love it. 
It is my favorite.

All these pictures were taken with camera phones and mostly unedited.

My delivery was so great.  It was a great day.  I look back at it fondly.  I am so grateful it went so well.  I love our sweet baby boy.  His name is Merrill Dee.  He is gorgeous and happy.  He has olive skin and brown eyes.  And don't worry I will be posting much more pictures of his gorgeousness.

For now, this is my 3rd birth story as I know it.

Love to you.

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