Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's been 3 months. Here is another photo dump.

2 week appointment.

 Umbilical cord fell off.  
He is officially an adult.
Very sad.

 Moved into size 1 diapers.

 First night away from kids we went to the Neil Diamond concert.
It was awesome!

 I love this picture of Scarlett going on a walk.
It is one of my best.

 He has gorgeous skin.

 First pigtails.

Just cute.

 Started running again.

 Got a horrible eye infection again.  It was much worse this time.
I couldn't drive myself to far places for 4 weeks.
I was extremely sensitive to light for 4 weeks.
I am still getting over it.
It was seriously horrible.
I would choose to deliver Merrill again than have this eye infection again since my labor only lasted 12 hours.

 Eva started school.  She has a uniform this year.

 Eva is gorgeous and loves Octonauts.  So do I.

 I wore my sunglasses everywhere for 2 weeks.
Even at home and at night.

 He has squishy cheeks.

 He is gorgeous.

That last 3 months have gone by really fast.  I can't believe my boy is 3 months old.  He is a happy fellow who just wants to make eye contact and chat.  I love it unless it is 2 a.m. then I just want to sleep and not chat.  My eye infection is much better now but I still must wear my glasses which makes running irritating.  

That is the best update I can muster. 


1 comment:

Shayla said...

What is up with the eye infections...sounds miserable! Your kids are so darn cute. Cannot believe you are running, amazing!

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