Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A month ago.

A month ago yesterday, September 23, was an amazing day.  We blessed our 2 babies that needed blessing, Scarlett & Merrill Dee.  Clint's parents hosted the event in their beautiful back yard.  It was an intimate group and it was a weekend where other events were happening too so all of our family was in town and could be there.  My apologies but these photos are unedited.  I just don't have the time right now.

The weather was gorgeous, overcast and warm.  
Merrill's Auntie Rie made him a special outfit and 
Scarlett got a dress that was all her own and not a hand-me-down.
Our wonderful family and friends came to celebrate our sweet kids.
It was pretty much perfect.

I tried this cupcake tower thing.  It didn't turn out as I envisioned but the cupcakes were delicious.
I must thank my sister, Natalie, who helped me organize and plan this event.
Her tips for planning an event is for another post.

The man on the right is my dad, he blessed Scarlett.
The man on the left is Clint's dad, Merrill Dee, who blessed Merrill Dee.

 My brother is too cool to pose for a picture with his sisters.

And here are Clint's parents.

I was going to post about this day weeks ago but wanted to edit pictures and what not.  And now I post about it because almost exactly 3 weeks after this perfect day Clint's dad, Merrill Dee, passed away.  It was an accident and it was sudden and heartbreaking.  And now you know more about my past two posts.  We are so grateful that we have this day in our memories.  We are so grateful it was so perfect.  Merrill was so proud to have a namesake.  He talked about him to everyone he knew.  He was such a wonderful grandpa and one of the things that makes it so hard is that our kids won't remember him.  Eva woke up Monday morning crying.  When Clint checked on her she said, "I miss Grandpa."  She told me she had a dream about him and that it was a "nice" dream.  She has never told me that she has had nice dreams before she always tells me about her bad dreams but I hope she has more nice ones.  

I have so much more to say about my feelings.  The past week has been hard and I have learned a lot.  Death sure teaches the living so much.  I was honored to be with Clint's family last week and mourn with them and be there for his passing.  Merrill was an amazing man.  I will miss him terribly.  For now I will send out a thank you to the people who helped and comforted me, who sent me flowers and texts and thoughts and love.  Life is precious.  We must treat it so.  Share your love, forgive, ask for forgiveness and be joyful because tomorrow  who knows what could happen.



sweetheber said...

That was a beautiful post! It made me cry. That was a wonderful day we will all cherish. Big Merrill Dee is such a wonderful Grandpa. He'll never leave his sweet grandchildren, he loves them too much :)

Jessica said...

Oh how sad! I'm sorry. That's so hard. I'll be thinking of you and Clint and praying for you. It's awful when people we love die. I'm glad you had him for such a great father-in-law all those years.

sinika said...

Oh no! So sorry Tammy! This is heartbreaking.

madamelinae said...

"Life is precious. We must treat it so. Share your love, forgive, ask for forgiveness and be joyful because tomorrow who knows what could happen." - so true and so beautifully put together. I am very sorry for your loss, even if I don't know you - but this post really moved me. I can relate to it all too well.
Sending a lot of love and warmth your way!

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