Friday, November 2, 2012

Bad Picture Friday.

Seriously this is so bad.  My face looks crooked!
The whole angle is just so bad too.  I kinda look like a man.
But it's bad picture Friday and I am not afraid....except this picture makes me really afraid!
But I know you all have these kind of pictures on your phone you just aren't sharing them.

I was a pirate for a family Halloween party.
This is the "Argh" face.

 Kit Kat Vampire.


sweetheber said...

Wow! You look so much like Mom in the first pic! :) Not in a bad picture way-it just really shows in that pic.

Nessa Dee said...

Hey Tammy-

The book is $15, and as for the print, do you want me to do one in color, or do you like it in black and white? The company I order my prints from has them on my doorstep the next day, so there's plenty of time to get them done. Just let me know.


--And btw I've been really inspired by your posts.

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