Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I must post just to get rid of that horrible picture!

My life has been crazy lately.
Since Merrill (Sr.)  died it felt like our world stopped for a couple weeks but then to catch up it has been going twice as fast.  It doesn't seem to be slowing down though and I am feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  I have so much I am doing, have committed to do, want to do, etc.  I must now admit that I must take a step back and prioritize my life and let some things go to make room for the more important things and the things I love doing, i.e. spending time with my family.

Being a working mom is hard enough but when I over extend myself and things cut into my nights, which is my family time, I find myself getting angry and feeling guilty.  But on the other side I get frustrated that if I committed to something I want to finish it and see it successful.  I feel judged by others which I know is just my insecurities but it is so hard to not feel it.  And even if I am judged it shouldn't matter to me or sway my decisions.

So, I am taking a step back, evaluating my life, making changes and seeking balance and happiness.  I will not be distracted by money and shiny things.  I will make my decisions based on my priorities which are:

1:  God & Family (to me these just go together, after all God is family, right?)
2:  Friends
3:  Health
4:  Job/Income
5:  Self Improvement
6:  Blogging/Instagram/Photography
7:  Projects, i.e. fun craftiness
8:  Movies/Reading
9:  Massages (receiving not giving)
10:  Pedicures

The above list is subject to change and Tammy should not be judged if she chooses to move things around or add or delete items.  Tammy is not suggesting you  agree with her priority list and should not be held liable if the above list in its order/perfection does not work for you.

Any questions and I just need to refer to this list.  Which means you should see more blogging.  Because I do thoroughly enjoy doing it and appreciate the opportunity to have a voice out in the world.

Love to you.


sweetheber said...

You list is awesome! I think, for me, I would put movies up higher :) And right now, a cupcake may be number 2.

tammy said...

Natalie, I love you!

Nessa Dee said...

Tammy--I was so sorry to hear about Merrill Sr. I can't imagine. Your posts were very moving, and really helped me gain perspective on some things I was struggling with.

I hope your life slows down a bit, and I can't wait to see your Crafty Fridays!

And Little Merrill has the most beautiful big brown eyes and olive skin!

Nessa Dee said...

I sent you a couple of emails about the book, print and canvas print. I don't know if you saw yet, but you're the winner. Let me know if the rep from Printcopia gets a hold of you.


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