Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tag out.

I have had a couple bad mom days.
Just screaming and running around and the never ending messy house.
My patience has left me.  I hate when patience leaves because when it does it tags in comparison and I really hate fighting comparison.
I start viewing everyone's life as glamorous hay days of fun time adventures with perfect hair, clothes, makeup and of course the cutest shabby chic-ly decorated home that is all pinterested and liked a million times while my life is on this never ending cycle of running around to work, school, babysitters and grocery stores while wearing flats since that is what sane mothers with small kids can really only wear but apparently is just not stylish enough.

And why is it that when you are a mom it feels like you are at the grocery store 90% of your life????  Is it just me?

What women really need is not the third arm but the ability to function with no sleep.  When a woman becomes a mother she should never have to sleep again.  Seriously, if women didn't have to sleep all the problems of the world would be solved.  The possibilities are endless with what I could do with those 12 hours that my children sleep.  Just dreaming about it makes me shake my fist at heaven and wonder why it isn't so.

Did I mention I love these kids so much that when I think about losing my patience with them makes my heartbreak?
Being a mom is freakin' hard.

And of course totally worth it.
Alas, I should get some sleep so I can get patience tagged back in.

Good morning.


Shayla said...

AMEN! :)

sally444 said...
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sweetheber said...

You're so right!! It's freakin' hard!!
You are an awesome mom. Honestly. You are much more patient than I am. (ha ha, I paused in the middle of this sentence to yell at Gabe to get back in bed :) You do have a darling house, and you are definitely the most beautiful person I know. I love you.
...and that is my favorite pic of Merrill Dee

Jessica said...

So true. I'm still sad about losing my patience with Charlie last week. The next day I made a goal to diligently try to stop yelling at my kids. I pray every night for help, and I try so hard all day to keep my voice nice, even when they are wild and screaming and ignoring me. I've slipped up a few times, but I'm definately seeing some progress. I'll just keep praying and keep trying to not be that yelling Mom that I hate.

Becky Pitcher said...

I'm catching up on your last few posts, and wanted to say that I am at the grocery store EVERY DAY. (WHHHHY?) and I've even started wearing SNEAKERS, which is so Mom-ish that I cringe, but I need them.
Also, your kids are beautiful.
And a few weeks ago, I was stressed out and short-tempered all the time, and I forced myself to read my scriptures during my precious naptime/freetime and in a few days our home was happy and generally peaceful again... or maybe I was just better able to handle the insanity?

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