Monday, April 29, 2013

Blog find!

I found this amazing blog today.

Please check it out.

I realize ignorance is bliss but when it comes to your health and your families health purposfully staying ignorant so that you can enjoy your diet soda or favorite potato chip is just silly.

Atleast know what is out there so that when you eat a beaver's anal gland you know that's what you are eating.

I swear this blog isn't turing into a crazy hippy blog but the word needs to be spread so educate yourself.  Please!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

After that last post let me say this...

Just to pull at your heartstrings a little.
Sorry I couln't find photo credit.

I hope my last post, Becoming Vegan, was clear that I am becoming vegan and that I am for sure not perfect and that what I didn't say is that it is pretty hard to go vegan.  I do miss things a lot.

Things I miss:
Sour cream
Cream cheese
Butter on toast with jam (jam and toast is just not the same)
Cafe Rio pork (though I don't miss all the veins and arteries I find in pork so this is not that hard.  Also      
                 anything marinated in pure sugar and then baked in it is going to be good.  If you think Cafe Rio is 
                 a healthy option and you should check out the nutritional info.)
Seafood (This will for sure be a big weakness for me.)
Cheese on things like bread, crackers, chips, etc.
Milk chocolate (Big weakness)

I miss these things but once I eliminated them from my home it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be.  Food still tastes really good without them and the only time I really miss them is when they are right in front of me and I realize I miss them.  Plus, there are lots of really good substitutions out there.  Like Vegannaise tastes exactly the same as Mayonnaise.  I recently used some vegan cream cheese to make cream cheese frosting and couldn't tell the difference and that's what powdered sugar will do.  Also, it is just acquiring the taste for the new stuff if you have to have it.  I don't have to have sour cream so I won't really replace it with anything.

This is the "Mayonnaise" that I think tastes great.  Click on the picture for more info.
I will definitely post about new vegan things I try that are amazing because even if you aren't vegan if there is a healthier option that tastes just as good why not go with it.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Becoming Vegan

I am becoming vegan.  It is something I decided to do a couple months ago but now that I look back I have probably been becoming vegan for a while I just finally realized it.  I used to be very ignorant on the topic and was very critical of people who were vegan.  After watching a few documentaries, reading some books and doing research online I have decided it is the best decision for me and my family.  (Clint was apart of the decision as well so when I say "I" I mean "We".)  It will be a slow transition and as long as we have chickens we will always eat our eggs.  We don't eat a lot of eggs anyways and since I know our chickens are treated really well and that they are fed really well I feel fine about it.

Some of my misconceptions about vegans:

If you are Vegan you have to be like "Straight Edgers".  This is what the kids in high school were called who were vegans, didn't wear leather or use any animal products, and broke into mink farms over the weekend to set the mink free.  They also did a lot of skate boarding.

That Vegan's stink or have an odd odor because they are so unhealthy because people need meat and dairy to be healthy.  (This is very untrue and a very ignorant thing to believe.  I apologize to all the people I judged in my thoughts.)

That Vegan's were only vegans because they supported animal rights and that was the only reason.

All of my misconceptions were based on random comments I would hear from other people and close mindedness on my part.  I have learned a lot in the past few years about food and health and how you actually are what you eat.  I never thought that spirituality and food were connected but since I read the book Women, Food and God I was introduced to the idea that what we eat and the way we treat our bodies is directly related to our relationship with God and spirituality.  Immediately that idea felt right to me and I have found it to be true and read other books on the topic.  Since making changes to the way I eat and showing respect to my body by nourishing it with good, whole, healthy foods I feel happier, more peaceful, balanced and overall just better which translates into me having more patience, being kinder to myself and others, being more open and being more aware and sensitive to people and feelings.

Did you know there are three good reasons to becoming a vegan?  They are:
You will be really, really healthy if you eat a balanced, diverse, whole food, plant based diet.
You will help the environment.  I have read that you will do more for the environment by becoming a vegan than owning a hybrid car.
You will help stop animal cruelty and horrible mass animal farms.

You just need to pick one of these reasons to become a vegan but will have a bigger effect then you think.

The main thing I hear people ask me is where will you get your protein.  When I hear this it is obvious that people just don't know a lot about food.  Have you ever heard of nuts, legumes, quinoa?  They are packed with lots of protein and that is just naming a few..  Plus there are vegan protein bars, powders, etc just to be safe if you really are worried the protein thing.  BTW vegan protein bars and powders are just full of nuts, legumes, quinoa, etc.
Another thing I hear is,"What about the vitamin B12?"  I just take a supplement to be safe.  No biggie.
And the most frustrating thing I hear is,"Where will you get your calcium?"  This is so frustrating because this all stems from the amazing advertising campaign by the Dairy Association.  You get so much calcium from vegetables and it is much more absorbable than cow's milk calcium.  So you can rest easy on that idea.

If a person is vegan and they are unhealthy it is because they are not eating healthy not because they are vegan.  There are lots of processed, sugary snacks that are vegan.  

I will stop for now and write more on the topic later but this is what I am doing now.  I am definitely not perfect and if I go to someones home who has made me and my family a meal I don't refuse meat.  I am also a sucker for sushi and chocolate but this is a transition and I can't completely change over night.  If you know about the cows we raised you know I have a lot of organic beef I need to do something with.  We will most likely slowly eat it.

Becoming a vegan has been pretty great.  I feel amazing and before you judge it as a crazy, extreme thing you should try it and see.  Just give it a couple weeks and you may not want to go back because you will feel so good!  Plus, don't worry, I used to be one of the judgers so I know how people are viewing me.

Here are some links if you want more information about veganism and if you have Netflix there are lots of documentaries available to you on the subject.  I recommend Forks Over Knives and Food Inc. to get you started.  I have heard that Vegucated is very good but very hard to watch because of the graphic images of animal cruelty.  I haven't gotten up the courage to watch it yet.

Vegan love.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Idiot mother.

Sometimes I am an idiot mother and I don't listen to my inner mother instincts.  It is 1 a.m. and I am watching Cupcake Wars.  It would probably make more sense to just go to bed but I have more patience if I am not woken up over and over but just stay up.  I will probably go to bed soon but I have some sleepless hours ahead of me.  Merrill's two ear infections are ever present and were not phased by the amoxicillin that he had been taking for 8 days.  I had a feeling it wasn't working on Tuesday but didn't listen to myself and talked myself out of going until Saturday when his fever started.  As soon as we stepped into the doctor's office he started projectile vomiting.  Poor bug.  Apparently his ears looked horrible with puss and he was so exhausted he could hardly hold his head up.  We opted for a shot of antibiotics this time and I was told that amoxicillin isn't working as well since it is prescribed so much and the viruses are getting stronger.  I have no idea if that is true but it sounds about right.  Laying flat on his back causes too much pressure on his ears so he is laying propped on a pillow and waking up every hour or two very unhappy.

The other way I was an idiot is that I let Scarlett eat ice cream tonight.  What????  I am the biggest idiot.  She also had cheese and butter but i think it was the ice cream that did her in.  She keeps waking up and crying and we are just waiting for her to puke it all up.  Poor sweet Scarlett it is all my fault.  Sometimes I just think that since it has been so long since she has had any problems that she can handle it but she never can.  It is also so hard to go to other people's homes to eat because they have prepared a meal and slathered everything in cheese in butter so then what?

So I have two sick kids who I could have helped but I am an idiot.

Another occasion when we fed Scarlett ice cream.  She is so cute.

Lesson learned....hopefully.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dream house.

The picture shown is not our home or our property but I wish it was.  
And I couldn't find credit for the photo.

Right now we live in 2 bedroom 1 bathroom home.  
Our kids share one room.  
We have 3 kids.
2 in a queen bed and 1 in a crib.
Time is going by fast and soon this arrangement won't work any more.

Luckily the rooms are a good size but still we are busting at the seams in our home.  If it was just a little bigger I could probably live there forever but we have got to get into a bigger place.  We are looking into building a new home on the property that we live on.  I love the property that we live on now.  I love that it a farm in the city and it has gorgeous light and trees and a long driveway.  I would love to build on it.  I am currently looking through house plans.  It is so hard.  I have no idea how to settle on a house plan.  There are certain things I know I want and but the more I look the more I want.  All the information out there is overwhelming!  We would definitely be building our dream house on a budget so how we do we do it???  Any ideas are helpful.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Surprise Tuesday

This day did not start out well.  I woke up angry about the Boston Marathon bombing and the girl who was missing in Provo, Utah.  Sometimes I want to lock my family in our house and never leave.  A few hours later I found out the girl had been found and she was safe.  I think it was a runaway situation or something.  And then I found out I had to head home early.  It was just what I needed.  Today everyone should be able to hold their loved ones close.

We are sitting on the couch watching Hotel Transylvania.  It is noon and I just get to do whatever.  It is so great!  Sometimes people think I choose to work over staying home with my kids.  I would so much rather be home with my kids and I am working on making that happen.  I have been working on it for a while and trying new things to make it happen but I think it is finally in my near future.

I am so lucky to have a great job that is flexible with my schedule and that has made it harder to leave because I do like my job but I feel like it consumes my life and I would rather have other things consuming my life.

BTW our house loves Hotel Transylvania and it is so nice to have a movie the whole family enjoys.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why the cry out method doesn't work for me.

I'm sure I have mentioned before that I don't like the "cry out method" when training your kids to have good sleeping habits.  I also don't pay attention to all the rules doctors or books try to give on sleep habits i.e.: You must lay your baby down in their bed before they fall asleep and you should not let them fall asleep in your arms.  Don't doctors and books know that it is one of the best things in the world to hold a sleeping baby??!!!  I am very aware that all kids are different so what works for some may not work for others so please no one be offended.  I don't think you are a bad parent if you have used the cry out method because I have heard from multiple people that it worked for them.  And don't get me wrong fussing a little is much different then screaming bloody  murder.  I don't go get my kids at the tiniest amount of fussing but I refuse to let my kids scream.  The few times I have actually let them scream and then finally succumbed I have found Merrill tangled in his bumper and terrified (tore that off and will never use one again.), Eva with throw up all over herself and her crib, and Scarlett with her leg stuck between the bars.  So, again if my kids are screaming I am going to check on them and, dare I say it, pick them up and comfort them.  Moving on.

Serious this is the best!

This past week has been really hard with Merrill.  He hasn't slept through the night in a week.  He has woken up every 1-2 hours screaming and arching his back.  It was clear he was in pain and I thought it was GI related or teething related.  I tried everything I could think of but nothing worked.  Yesterday was his 9 month doctor appointment.  I told the doctor about how hard the week had been and he gave me this big lecture on sleep habits and how I should not feed him again until morning, I should not pick him up, etc etc.  He thinks I am a bit of a hippie because I am on a delayed vaccination schedule and I don't feed my kids dairy and he is nice about it but I think he thinks I am extreme.  Yes, I know, snuggling your kids when they scream at night is extreme!  Anyways, after the lecture he checks Merrill's ears and he has 2 ear infections which look really bad.  I was so happy he had them because I had a reason for the craziness.  I was so glad I continued to snuggle him because I would have felt so guilty if he was in pain and I just let him scream.  I still feel guilty I didn't get him to the doctor sooner.  Ear infection just didn't cross my brain for some reason.  Other than the night time he was so happy and acting normal.

Merrill slept so much better last night and I fully expect him to sleep through the night tonight.  Our whole families sleep  habits will be back to normal!

Seriously, who could resist picking up this kid if he was crying.

The defense rests.

Oh, sweet Merrill Dee, I love you!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Google +

Well now I'm on Google+ if anyone cares. So far, better than Facebook. 

Reader vs. Feedly

I love everything Google.
I love Chrome, Gmail, Blogger, etc.
So I used Google Reader to keep track of all the blogs and websites I read.
Sadly Google is cancelling Reader and at first I was mad but now I'm not because I found Feedly and it is way better than Reader (sorry Google).
Check it out if you need a way to keep track of all the sites you love to read and Feedly can be used on your droid or apple phone.  I love both the website and the phone interface.  Plus, it communicates with Reader so you can just transfer everything over.  Thank you!

The only thing I can't get into with Google is Google+ but then I don't really participate on Facebook either.  I also think Facebook has gone downhill since all of the ads.  It is so messy now.

And no this post is not sponsered by Feedly but thanks for thinking that my blog is big enough for Feedly to care what I thought.


P.S.  I need a pedicure pretty bad.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter 2013

Last week our Easter was pretty great.  I made the dresses for Eva and Scarlett and Merrill wore gingham.  

Since Eva's grandpa died she has been more and more curious about death.  Sometimes she will suddenly become sad and tell me that she misses her grandpa.  Other times she will tell me about her dreams where Grandpa was chasing her around and swinging her.  When he died we told her how one day he would wake up but we didn't know when.  Often times in her prayers she will say, "Thank you that Grandpa will wake up soon".  On Easter I explained to her why we celebrate Easter.  I told her that Jesus died and woke up and because of that every one will die and wake up just like Grandpa.  She is getting smart because after I said that she took a moment and then asked, "Will Grandpa wake up in his box because it is dark in there?"  I told her I didn't think so.  

This sweet little Merrill Dee is my worst sleeper.  I think he has some stomach or intestinal stuff going on at night because snuggling, bouncing and whatever else doesn't work and his cries are more painful then sad.  When my girls would cry at night I didn't mind because all they wanted was to snuggle so they would just sleep with me and everyone would get sleep but with Merrill I have to nurse him and it takes a while to calm him down.  It has definitely been hard but he is healthy and happy and gorgeous so every morning when he smiles at me and kicks his legs with excitement for the new day I forgive him and know I have the rest of my life to catch up on sleep.  Other than at night Merrill is so sweet and happy.  He goes out of his way to make eye contact with people and loves to smile and laugh.  I love his gorgeous olive skin and dark chocolate brown eyes and his giggle is music to my ears.

Hunting for eggs.  These girls are becoming really close.  They play well together and Eva is stepping into her role as big sister happily.  She loves to take care of Scarlett when she is in the mood.  When Scarlett gets in trouble she tries to comfort her and it is really cute.  It is the best to hear them in the bath or outside playing and giggling together.  They think the words 'pee' and 'poo' are so funny.  While riding in the car they will sing in the car and insert 'poo' into the songs they know.  It sends them into giggling fits.  My tactic is to not give them a reaction unless they are being disrespectful because I think if I give them a reaction it will just spur them on.  If I act like it is no big deal I have the hope it won't last long but whatever, it's not that bad.  It's pretty cute and funny.  Here is an example of one of Eva's songs, it is her school song with poo inserted:
Everyday is a poopy day when you do it the poopy way,
Finding poopy adventures wherever you go....etc.

She can never finish it because she thinks it is so funny.  I consider it a good sign that she knows how to use it and insert it correctly.  

This sweet little angel is my Scar Scar.  I  always swore I would never shorten her name to Scar but when Eva started doing it I couldn't tell her not to call her that so now it has stuck.  Scarlett has a "melt your heart" energy about her.  Everyone who spends anytime with her says so.  She is so gentle and caring and kind.  She is shy and gets nervous to be in a crowd of people.  She is very motherly and has loved babies since she was very little.  She loves to snuggle and rest her head on shoulders.  I think she can read other people's energies too.  There are a few people that she has special connections with and those people she remembers well and asks about them even if she hasn't seen them for a while.  She loves her Grandma and when she is sad because both me and Clint are telling her "no" she cries for Grandma.  Scarlett looks just like her dad.  She has a cute little shuffle step run which is the cutest thing to see and goodness her big eyes and squishy cheeks are the best things in all the world.  

It is so crazy how different each of my kids are from the moment they were born.  It is crazy and terrifying the amount of love I have for each of them.  

I am so happy to finally have kids.  It took me about 8 years of trying.

I hope you all had an amazing Easter.


Saturday, April 6, 2013


I am sick. I haven't been this sick in a while. Sore throat, body aches, really cold and then really hot. It sucks. I have literally been laying on my couch for the last two days watching TV. I am getting really bored which I am taking as a sign I am getting better.
I have watched A LOT of TV:
The Voice
Chicago Fire
Cup Cake Wars
Ghost Protocol
Lots of Dora
Just to name a few.
Thank goodness for on demand and netflix.
My hair is also pretty sick since the last thing I want to do is have cold wet hair touching my body.

Because you care. Love.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Back to blogging.

I have missed blogging so much.  I think about it often and think of things I want to post but just haven't been able to.  When I stopped blogging I stopped reading all the blogs I normally read.  I have felt so disconnected and out of balance.  I have recently started reading those blogs again and I have been so inspired and I realized I feel happier.  I have missed blogging and my litle blogging community.  So thanks to all of you who write about your lives and inspire me to do better, be connected and share my life.  Because I truly believe that it is the relationships in my life that make me important.  Even the blog and instagram only relationships.  So although this is a short one it means there are more to come.

Me yelling for the judge to rule during our Eggwood Derby on Easter.  That is my Easter bonnet on my head and I am wearing my glasses because my damn herpes is flaring up.  Ocular of course.


P.S.  How does one make one's blog cute?  I have forgotten or did I ever know.
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