Thursday, April 25, 2013

After that last post let me say this...

Just to pull at your heartstrings a little.
Sorry I couln't find photo credit.

I hope my last post, Becoming Vegan, was clear that I am becoming vegan and that I am for sure not perfect and that what I didn't say is that it is pretty hard to go vegan.  I do miss things a lot.

Things I miss:
Sour cream
Cream cheese
Butter on toast with jam (jam and toast is just not the same)
Cafe Rio pork (though I don't miss all the veins and arteries I find in pork so this is not that hard.  Also      
                 anything marinated in pure sugar and then baked in it is going to be good.  If you think Cafe Rio is 
                 a healthy option and you should check out the nutritional info.)
Seafood (This will for sure be a big weakness for me.)
Cheese on things like bread, crackers, chips, etc.
Milk chocolate (Big weakness)

I miss these things but once I eliminated them from my home it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be.  Food still tastes really good without them and the only time I really miss them is when they are right in front of me and I realize I miss them.  Plus, there are lots of really good substitutions out there.  Like Vegannaise tastes exactly the same as Mayonnaise.  I recently used some vegan cream cheese to make cream cheese frosting and couldn't tell the difference and that's what powdered sugar will do.  Also, it is just acquiring the taste for the new stuff if you have to have it.  I don't have to have sour cream so I won't really replace it with anything.

This is the "Mayonnaise" that I think tastes great.  Click on the picture for more info.
I will definitely post about new vegan things I try that are amazing because even if you aren't vegan if there is a healthier option that tastes just as good why not go with it.


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sweetheber said...

You Better Not Be Insulting My Cafe Rio :)

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