Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Back to blogging.

I have missed blogging so much.  I think about it often and think of things I want to post but just haven't been able to.  When I stopped blogging I stopped reading all the blogs I normally read.  I have felt so disconnected and out of balance.  I have recently started reading those blogs again and I have been so inspired and I realized I feel happier.  I have missed blogging and my litle blogging community.  So thanks to all of you who write about your lives and inspire me to do better, be connected and share my life.  Because I truly believe that it is the relationships in my life that make me important.  Even the blog and instagram only relationships.  So although this is a short one it means there are more to come.

Me yelling for the judge to rule during our Eggwood Derby on Easter.  That is my Easter bonnet on my head and I am wearing my glasses because my damn herpes is flaring up.  Ocular of course.


P.S.  How does one make one's blog cute?  I have forgotten or did I ever know.


Shayla D. said...

One's blog doth not have to be cute to be read-worthy. :o)

Besides, your kiddos are so cute, no other cuteness is required. I for one am tickled pink that you're back to blogging!

(Welby's Secretary - again)

Jessica said...

Welcome back, Tam. We missed you.

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