Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dream house.

The picture shown is not our home or our property but I wish it was.  
And I couldn't find credit for the photo.

Right now we live in 2 bedroom 1 bathroom home.  
Our kids share one room.  
We have 3 kids.
2 in a queen bed and 1 in a crib.
Time is going by fast and soon this arrangement won't work any more.

Luckily the rooms are a good size but still we are busting at the seams in our home.  If it was just a little bigger I could probably live there forever but we have got to get into a bigger place.  We are looking into building a new home on the property that we live on.  I love the property that we live on now.  I love that it a farm in the city and it has gorgeous light and trees and a long driveway.  I would love to build on it.  I am currently looking through house plans.  It is so hard.  I have no idea how to settle on a house plan.  There are certain things I know I want and but the more I look the more I want.  All the information out there is overwhelming!  We would definitely be building our dream house on a budget so how we do we do it???  Any ideas are helpful.

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