Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter 2013

Last week our Easter was pretty great.  I made the dresses for Eva and Scarlett and Merrill wore gingham.  

Since Eva's grandpa died she has been more and more curious about death.  Sometimes she will suddenly become sad and tell me that she misses her grandpa.  Other times she will tell me about her dreams where Grandpa was chasing her around and swinging her.  When he died we told her how one day he would wake up but we didn't know when.  Often times in her prayers she will say, "Thank you that Grandpa will wake up soon".  On Easter I explained to her why we celebrate Easter.  I told her that Jesus died and woke up and because of that every one will die and wake up just like Grandpa.  She is getting smart because after I said that she took a moment and then asked, "Will Grandpa wake up in his box because it is dark in there?"  I told her I didn't think so.  

This sweet little Merrill Dee is my worst sleeper.  I think he has some stomach or intestinal stuff going on at night because snuggling, bouncing and whatever else doesn't work and his cries are more painful then sad.  When my girls would cry at night I didn't mind because all they wanted was to snuggle so they would just sleep with me and everyone would get sleep but with Merrill I have to nurse him and it takes a while to calm him down.  It has definitely been hard but he is healthy and happy and gorgeous so every morning when he smiles at me and kicks his legs with excitement for the new day I forgive him and know I have the rest of my life to catch up on sleep.  Other than at night Merrill is so sweet and happy.  He goes out of his way to make eye contact with people and loves to smile and laugh.  I love his gorgeous olive skin and dark chocolate brown eyes and his giggle is music to my ears.

Hunting for eggs.  These girls are becoming really close.  They play well together and Eva is stepping into her role as big sister happily.  She loves to take care of Scarlett when she is in the mood.  When Scarlett gets in trouble she tries to comfort her and it is really cute.  It is the best to hear them in the bath or outside playing and giggling together.  They think the words 'pee' and 'poo' are so funny.  While riding in the car they will sing in the car and insert 'poo' into the songs they know.  It sends them into giggling fits.  My tactic is to not give them a reaction unless they are being disrespectful because I think if I give them a reaction it will just spur them on.  If I act like it is no big deal I have the hope it won't last long but whatever, it's not that bad.  It's pretty cute and funny.  Here is an example of one of Eva's songs, it is her school song with poo inserted:
Everyday is a poopy day when you do it the poopy way,
Finding poopy adventures wherever you go....etc.

She can never finish it because she thinks it is so funny.  I consider it a good sign that she knows how to use it and insert it correctly.  

This sweet little angel is my Scar Scar.  I  always swore I would never shorten her name to Scar but when Eva started doing it I couldn't tell her not to call her that so now it has stuck.  Scarlett has a "melt your heart" energy about her.  Everyone who spends anytime with her says so.  She is so gentle and caring and kind.  She is shy and gets nervous to be in a crowd of people.  She is very motherly and has loved babies since she was very little.  She loves to snuggle and rest her head on shoulders.  I think she can read other people's energies too.  There are a few people that she has special connections with and those people she remembers well and asks about them even if she hasn't seen them for a while.  She loves her Grandma and when she is sad because both me and Clint are telling her "no" she cries for Grandma.  Scarlett looks just like her dad.  She has a cute little shuffle step run which is the cutest thing to see and goodness her big eyes and squishy cheeks are the best things in all the world.  

It is so crazy how different each of my kids are from the moment they were born.  It is crazy and terrifying the amount of love I have for each of them.  

I am so happy to finally have kids.  It took me about 8 years of trying.

I hope you all had an amazing Easter.



sinika said...

Those dresses turned out so cute!! I wish I had dresses to make... Your kids are all so gorgeous and I love how creative and lovey they are! I'm sorry about Merrill's sleeping habits- I think we're in the same boat with Franky. He just wants to eat every couple of hours at night though.

Shayla said...

Sweet kids! Way to go on those cute dresses. So glad your back!

sweetheber said...

I don't know what's cuter than Scarlett in that hat :) Oooohhh I just want to squeeze her.

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