Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reader vs. Feedly

I love everything Google.
I love Chrome, Gmail, Blogger, etc.
So I used Google Reader to keep track of all the blogs and websites I read.
Sadly Google is cancelling Reader and at first I was mad but now I'm not because I found Feedly and it is way better than Reader (sorry Google).
Check it out if you need a way to keep track of all the sites you love to read and Feedly can be used on your droid or apple phone.  I love both the website and the phone interface.  Plus, it communicates with Reader so you can just transfer everything over.  Thank you!

The only thing I can't get into with Google is Google+ but then I don't really participate on Facebook either.  I also think Facebook has gone downhill since all of the ads.  It is so messy now.

And no this post is not sponsered by Feedly but thanks for thinking that my blog is big enough for Feedly to care what I thought.


P.S.  I need a pedicure pretty bad.

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