Thursday, May 23, 2013

Best and worst suncreens for a toxic free summer.

My friend Teresa sent me this article about the best and worst sunscreens.  It is very informative and since I know you want to put the best possible sunscreens on your family you should read it.  It also has some interesting facts about spray sunscreens.

Shopping guide to find the best and worst sunscreens.

Here is another great article you should check out too:

Nine toxins to avoid in personal care products

And if you want to see if any of the products you are currently using are toxic you must put this website in your bookmarks.

Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

You can search any product or any ingredient to find out if it is toxic, how toxic and exactly how your body reacts to it.

For example Retinyl Palmitate (vitamin A) causes cancer with very low doses and gets worse with sun exposure.  It is in a lot of things so start looking at your ingredients.

Don't get overwhelmed with this information.  It is very easy now to get toxic free products and pretty much every store has options for you.  Even Walmart.

Start out this summer with getting a toxic free sunscreen and bug repellent.  Do your voting and the checkout counter where your voice is the loudest.  Show companies what you support and what you will allow on/in your body because yes, everything you put on top of your body gets in your body.

Thank goodness for summer!

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