Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh hell...

My competitiveness has gotten me in trouble.
I am pretty competitive but the good kind where I am a good loser and can be happy for the winner but I really, really like winning too.
So I was at dinner with some friends we started talking about the St. George, Utah marathon and how the registration was almost closed and before you know it I challenged my friend to a race if we got into the marathon.  What!!!????  As if I wasn't busy enough!

We have had similar marathon times but seriously there are lots of reasons why I am the underdog and here and they are:
1.  My friend is a male.
2.  He has already been training for a marathon which he is running this weekend.
3.  I haven't ran in 2 years.
4.  Did I mention I haven't ran in 2 years yet?
5.  Did I mention he is running one this weekend?

So now I have to switch gears from super lazy person to super training athlete and watch everything I put into my body and actually start running.

I won't lie, St. George is a lottery marathon, so I was secretly hoping we wouldn't get in.

I have two options:
1.  To take this seriously and have a ton of fun and kick his a#*.  (It would be so awesome.)
2.  Do my typical pathetic training where I take off the next few months and by September (the race is in October) quickly start to run and then at least finish the marathon.

I am going for option 1.  Wish me luck.  Everybody loves the underdog right?

Training starts today.

1 comment:

madamelinae said...

You can do it! If you need pep talk - here I am. ;)
I am the laziest person known to mankind. I couldn't even tell you the last time I actually worked out.. Even though I used to be completely into sports in my teenage years. So you have my full respect and support!

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