Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Sometimes life is really hard,
Sometimes things don't go "your way",
Sometimes things are unbearable and giving up seems like the better option.
Most of the time things are good.
Most of the time there is love, caring and happiness.
Most of the time I am grateful.

Let go of the negativity even if for some reason it is easier to hold on to, easier to understand, easier to feel comfortable in.  Is it attention getting, does it get you what you want?  Maybe sometimes but most of the time it is alienating, maddening and tiresome.

You can be happy, you can feel good.  Positivity attracts positivity, love, happiness.

Let go of your heavy load and welcome in the sunshine.  Let go of the control you think you have or want.  Things will never be perfect.  The "I wills when this happens.." will never be.  What makes others happy will not make you happy so let that go and embrace yourself.  Here and now is your time to be happy so be it!

You can make those tough decisions.  You can change your life!

(Somethings I am saying to myself today and I thought they might help someone out there in the world.)



Shayla said...

I needed this today...thank you!

Shayla said...

And yesterday! :)

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