Thursday, May 16, 2013

Springtime running and how I am like Rocky.

The last two days I have gone running.  It's pretty amazing really.  I have even done some yoga.  I am really trying to be serious about the training.  It really sucks to run a marathon if you haven't trained well.  I should know.  I have decided I would actually like to see what my running potential is.  I am a really good half ass runner so maybe I am an amazing full ass runner.  We shall see.

Tonight I ran for an hour while pushing Merrill and Scarlett in a stroller.  I figure I have a training advantage if I have to push kids while I run.  Think Rocky in the snow pulling a wagon or whatever he was pulling.  I only like Rocky IV if Rocky IV is the one with the Russian.  I also don't have Eye of The Tiger playing but Scarlett singing Old McDonald.  It is pretty cute.

Running in the springtime is pretty great because it is so gorgeous.  I love the smells, the breeze, the stormy clouds and the baby ducks.

Thank goodness for springtime.

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Jessica said...

Good luck to you! I have committed to run Ragnar Napa in September and I've been training...but most mornings when the alarm goes off I want to just get pregnant again so that I'll have to cancel. Haha! And I hate being pregnant! So I guess that shows how hard it is for me to get out there and run. But, of course, once I'm doing it I enjoy it. I love the cool morning breeze, and yesterday it was raining a little and running in the rain in my absolute favorite. And, you are a SuperMom for running with a stroller. It gives me a headache and makes me feel like a weakling...whereas if I'm running alone I feel strong. And I need to feel strong at something since I generally feel overwhelmed with life right now.

Anyway, option three for you should be: "Get pregnant again so that I have to cancel the marathon and it's a shame because I would have been amazing."

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