Friday, June 7, 2013

Real vacationing happening and introducing you to amashzing.

I am going on vacation.
A real vacation which means no kids.
Not even Merrill.


We are going to St. Thomas where I am literally sitting on a beach the whole time.  If it rains at all I might have to get a massage or pedicure.
I might play some tennis since I signed up for a tennis tournament for next Saturday and haven't actually played tennis in years but I love it and it is for beginners but I digress.

I am going on vacation.
I am going to smell like the actual beach!
I am sleeping through the night.
I am waking up whenever I want.
I am sitting down for a meal.
I will not be running around frantically in the mornings trying to get out the door.

Well, at least for a week.

Since I will be sitting around I will probably have lots of deep thoughts and amashzing* ideas which I might share if I can find the time.

See ya.

*amashzing is pronounced 'uh-may-sh-zing' and is even more then amazing it is reserved for something so spectacular you almost have no words to describe it but then there is and it is amashzing!
I will have to share the story of how I discovered the word amashzing one day.  It is funny.


Shayla said...

Good for you! Enjoy! :)

Nessa Dee said...

Thank you for your kind words of wisdom, Tammy.
Hope you had a wonderful vacation!

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