Monday, July 22, 2013

Running like crazy.

In all aspects of my life I feel like I am running around like crazy but I am also literally running like crazy or trying to.  I am training for the big St. George Marathon where I am racing my friend but I have also decided to run a marathon before it to see how I am doing.  It is hard to train with 3 kids while working and doing everything else I need to do but I am doing it.  It is easiest to run in the morning but that requires me to wake up really early which can be very hard.  I started using the running app Strava and I highly recommend it.  It actually gets me motivated to get out there and run and also put forth my very best effort.  They have created a way to make your running competitive and I love it.  I am all for a little friendly competition if you haven't noticed.  If any of you are runners or bicyclists (Strava does bicycling and walking as well.) then sign up for Strava and lets follow each other and help keep each other motivated.  I am yet to be King of the Hill (or is it mountain?) on something but I am working on it.

Some of you might think "If you are so busy why would you add run a marathon to your list?" and I say I do love to run but I needed something to motivate me.  I was in the worst shape of my life before I started training and I needed to get something to force me to get moving.  It is hard to stay motivated to exercise when there are so many other things that need my attention but I think keeping myself healthy should be very close to the top of my "to-do" list and training for a marathon ensures that it stays close to the top.  Also, I think it is really important for my  kids to see me taking care of myself and exercising.  I want them to know how important it is so they will take care of themselves too and it will be natural for them to do so.  Some of you might think that running a marathon is not healthy to that I say whatever, our opinions differ.

On the subject of balancing the rest of my life that is for a different post.


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Jessica said...

I use strava and love it too. I stopped running in June when I got pregnant, but I was having fun seeing how fast I could go and how far I was going. It's super motivating. Im jealous that you are getting in shape and I am falling out of it.

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