Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hello again.

I am revisiting my blog to see if I can keep it up.  So much is happening to me that I want to chronicle.
Like what I ate for lunch today was a great peasants lunch.

But really we are starting the process of developing the land we live on.  I am learning a lot and want to keep track of the progress so I figured that this  would be a great place to do that.

I am working with the city now to get our property approved to move forward to the subdivision stage. Just with the little I have worked with our government leaves me frustrated and irritated.  It is slow, silly and selfish.  Meaning the city is selfish not me of course.  I guess a city should look out for their own interests but it is frustrating that they hold all the control over property that isn't theirs.  Do we ever really own anything anyways?

Please remember when I say our land I really mean my mother-in-laws land but we told her we would take on the headache for her.
Please remember when I say "we" I mean mostly me.  Clint is working 2 jobs so this is my adventure to tackle.  Not that Clint isn't helping just that I am lead on this.

I have hired an engineer and surveying the property is finished.  I need to evaluate a water drain/underground river before anything else can move forward so right now things are at a stand still which is frustrating.

I have had lots of thoughts bouncing around and some great experiences I would love to share and document so hopefully I get get them all down.



sweetheber said...

So nice to see you blogging again :)

sweetheber said...

PS. I love your new "about"

sinika said...

This sounds really hard! If anyone can do it- it's you... you've done lots of really hard things.

Unknown said...

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