Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This is my only journal/outlet.

I haven't journaled consistently since I got married.  I have kept a journal since I was 8 almost on a daily basis but for some reason I got married and stopped.  It is one of my biggest regrets.  Then I started to blog and it was a way of journaling but I stopped blogging and I regret that since I started reading some of my old blog posts.  I haven't read a blog or blogged myself in about a year and a half.  I need to start up because I think it is the only way I will journal my life.  I want to remember these times.  I want to remember my kids and what they were like and what it was like.  When I read old entries it takes me back to the day and I can picture everything.  I know I am going to want to do that when I am all alone and miss my family.

My mistakes with blogging before was that a lot of the time I was worried about what other people might want to read and hear from me.  Let's be honest, no one is really reading this.  I will never have millions of followers.  I don't have some platform to influence lots of people.  If anyone reads this they know me and have some interest in my life and I appreciate that.  Hopefully one day someone will learn from my experiences and from me keeping track of the goings on in my life.  If anything my kids will have something to know me better by and possibly understand themselves better as well.

So I resolve to use this blog as my journal.  To get on the computer daily even if it is for 5 minutes to keep a record of what is going on in my life and the life of my family.

Today we are in Spring City at my mom's to process our grapes.  We picked 126 lbs of concord grapes on Sunday.  It is purple gold.  Me and my family love it so much.  I love making my kombucha with it.  We arrived late last night and have been processing them all morning.  I am currently waiting for the next batch.

My kids love coming here.  Merrill is outside doing farm chores with Welby.  Mayla is finally napping.  She has been hard lately.  She wants me to hold her and usually only wants me.  She is very attached to me and I think it's because she is my first baby I haven't left at 6 weeks to work.  She really loves Clint a lot though.  She squeals with delight when he walks in the room and loves to climb all over him.  Mayla will not take a bottle unless I am not around.  She loves nursing.

Eva got back on Saturday from going with my Dad and Carolyn to the sequoias and red woods.  She loved it and loves spending time with them.  Scarlett is looking forward to being old enough to go with them.

Today is our old anniversary.  It would be 16 years!!! Do we still celebrate?  It's funny to me.  My mom told me happy anniversary.  I wonder what she thinks about it but don't really care to have the conversation.

We are running the St.  George Marathon in a couple weeks.  I am not ready at all.  I am too addicted to sugar.

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Turbo said...

Good luck at St. George. They may throw you out of the race with your haircut. I have heard they do things like that down there. Tee hee. Me and some of my fam are doing a half-mara in your neck of the woods on Turkey day. You guys should join us!

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